res_1405217929257When/Why did you decide to go natural?
– I would natural February 15th 201. I wanted a change and I was tired of getting my hair permed all of the time. I needed a new experience, so one day after work I came home and completely shave my hair. When people people say the experience is freeing, they are absolutely right!

res_1404856513295How long have you been natural & is it what you expected?
I have been natural for 3 years. In the beginning I expected it to be easier. I expected my hair to curl up when water hit it. I expected to be able to do wash and go’s and all the nice simple looking styles I would see other naturals do. But I had to learn that my texture was different. I had to learn how to work with my kinky hair and except that my hair is beautiful and that it may not be able to do what other textures can do, but it can still do some pretty cool things!

res_1392966376141What stage are you at in your natural hair journey & how did you transition?
Medium, shaped fro. I big chopped.

res_1388141350851What are some struggles your natural hair presented for you?
The biggest struggle was learning how to retain moisture into my hair. My hair was extremely dry and brittle and I had to learn how to properly moisturize my hair. Once I got the hang of it, it became simple.

IMG_20140707_153743Did you ever feel like you had to compensate for being natural?
– I always had a great sense of style, so I felt like going natural only complimented my style more.

IMG_20140630_130903What are some words of wisdom/advice/ or inspiration you have for any one that may be considering following in your foot steps in to the natural world?
Don’t go natural because you think your hair will look like someone else’s. The biggest mistake most naturals make is comparing their texture, growth and length to the next natural. It is gonna take time, patience and perseverance when handling your hair. Encouraging and embrace the journey because each stage is beautiful.

IMG_20140526_095752Where can you be reached via social media?
Instagram: @jfashiongirl87 @jnaturalgirl

Hey there! I’m Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I’m busy teaching the future of society.