It seems that just when I think I’v got a grasp on all things natural hair I get a curve ball and learn about things I’ve never heard about before. While I was recently searching (yes even after almost 3 years I’m still searching) for new ways to moisturize my hair I stumbled onto the Max Hydration Method from natural hair blogger Napturally Curly This article about this method peaked my interest because it discussed a natural hair method that has apparently yielded super moisturized hair and defined wash and go’s for women with 4b and 4c hair textures. Something that seems to be a bit of a myth in the natural hair community. I am not a big wash and go person… as a matter of fact I’ve never even tried a wash and go during my natural hair journey. They just never interested me probably because I have so many different textures of hair on my head, and wouldn’t get the true “wash and go” feeling of the style but more so a very long tedious “wash and apply loads of product, then go”.

I looked into this method to see what it involved that caused such great results! After going over the method twice… I had the shocked emojii face for a few minutes. I’ll detail the steps of the method before I give my opinions on it:

Its a 7 day process (all 7 days must be completed in order to get the best results).

What you’ll need to start:

Baking Soda
Clay Rinse
Leave In Conditoner
Deep Conditioner
Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment (with its own set of ingredients here)


The process is a 7 day cycle as stated before that requires the Cherry Lola Caramel  Treatment to be done once upon your first round of the hydration method. You can then repeat the protein treatment every few weeks. When the treatment is not being done it is replaced by step 1 which is cleansing. Here is the break down of the 7 day cycle.


Step 1 Clarify: Using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) or a Baking soda rinse (be careful baking soda has relaxer properties that can wind up straightening your hair after extensive over use)

Step 2 Cowash/Detangle: Using an approved Max Hydration conditioner (the method calls for certain botanical products, for the best results). Thankfully some of my favorites are on the approved list. It seems that following the curly girl method is all that is really required.


3 Bentonite Clay: After you have fully detangled your hair rinse out the conditioner and add the clay thoroughly to each strand. You let the clay sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it out as well.

4 & 5 Leave In & Gel: When your hair is still wet you add in the leave in and gel or curl definer of your choice. The LCO method is the best approach to allow proper moisture in for the Maximum Hydration Method. It is important to mention that this step must be taken when the hair is still soaking wet, and a botanical gel must be used (unfortunately that does not include Eco Styler gel)

This method seems like it takes loads of time out of your day and I for one definitely dont have 7 days straight where I can devote that amount of time to my hair, or have my hair wet for those amount of days while living in New York (temperatures are starting to drop drastically). I’ve seen loads of pictures on Instagram and Google of all the success that women with type 4 hair have had in doing this method. If I had found out about it a few months ago during the summer I may have been singing a different tune but I can’t hop on board this train just yet. Don’t get me wrong while it sounds super time consuming people have said it gets better /easier/shorter with time. This may be something I consider doing when I don’t have such a jam packed schedule (which would mean next summer :-/ ) Has anyone had any success with the max hydration method and if so how did you add it into your busy hectic schedule?

Here are some examples of people’s success using the max hydration method:

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4 Responses to Max Hydration Method Alleged Best Moisture Routine For #4cHair

  1. I’m on day 4 of the mhm. It has yet to become less time consuming, but the amazing results have me intrigued & losing precious sleep. Tonight, I want to stop the process especially. But I’m too dedicated. The biggest differences I’ve noticed is how easy it is to detangle my hair, & I love the no comb rule. Before, with braid & twist outs, I was losing quite a ball of knotted hair regularly. Now, just a few strands are loss through out the whole 5 step process. I’m definitely convinced that this is the best new system for me! Now it’s just a matter of finding the best combo of products for softer curls daily. Right now, my little curls are a bit crunchy. I’m using kinky curly curling custard for gel (step 5), but I look forward to trying a different gel… I’m looking for a good feed of feedback on the web that could possibly help me with this. But overall, its worth it!!!!

    • So glad you shared this info! I’ve been contemplating if I should start or not and I just worry I wont be able to find the time to be consistent. Do you think aloe vera gel may be a good option to use?

  2. There’s an article that says, “baking soda is the worst thing you could use on your hair.” But this one says use it. I’m confused