Our hair grows about 1/2 an inch to 1 full inch a month. So in theory if you take proper care of your hair you should have 6-12 inches of hair growth a year depending on how quickly your hair grows. And while we often get caught up (myself included) in length checks and growing your hair as fast as possible, length retention often goes ignored.

Length Retention is how much of your new growth you are able to keep over a period of time. So if length retention isn’t at the forefront of your hair care regimen goals then you are doing all of this hard work for no reason. Growing your natural hair as quickly as possible means nothing if the level/rate in which you lose hair is excessive. You will find yourself “stunted” and wondering why your natural hair just doesn’t seem to be growing. The truth is the hair is growing, you are just not retaining the length. Its a learning process and a method to the madness.  I found myself in that same loop of frustration recently and had to do something about it quick! Below are the 4 tips (I started following myself) to help maximize your length retention.

4 Tips To Maximize Your Length Retention

  1. Decrease Heat: I don’t use heat in my hair ever… though I’m considering giving it a shot a few times in 2016. Decreasing heat in your haircare regimen gives your hair a fighting chance at increasing its length retention levels. You should be weary of using heat too often in your hair care regimen because you could be causing more harm than good. If you’ve noticed your hair has stopped responding like you used to and you’ve used heat recently, try doing a protein treatment and deep condition on a weekly basis. maximize your length retention
  2. Use Proper Styling Tools: I’m certainly all for using your fingers as one of the only tools in your hair care regimen but sometimes you need to add other accessories in the mix! This means you need to invest in detangling combs/brushes (wide tooth is the absolute way to go) as well as hair pins, clips, scissors…etc. Everything needs to be in tip top shape because using hair pins that are snagging, or a comb that causes fraying/frizziness can be keeping you from your hair length goals. A big thing for me are my hair ties. They stretch, lose elasticity and if tied too tightly can pull my hair/tangle it when I remove it. I’ve started using the Snappee (coupon code TRIALBOGO to buy one get one half off or code TRIALSHIP for free shipping on us) because I don’t have to replace it (pop it in the dryer and it snaps back to its original size) and I can just unsnap it so the pulling/tangling process is eliminated!
    {5 Best Tools To Help Detangle Natural Hair }
  3. Keep your hands out of your hair: This can be a tough step to accomplish especially if you are in the transitioning process or newly natural. We love playing with our hair ,and running our hands through our hair. However this could be pulling back your length retention goals. Also manipulating your hair frequently (twisting and retwisting every night) are going to be detrimental to your hair growth progress. Putting in a protective style that you can set and leave alone for a few days will give your hair and much needed break and help you keep your hair out of it (because you don’t want to mess up the style).
  4. Get A Trim: I recently got a huge trim (more of a big chop really) in September and it was worth it. I got rid of all of the damaged ends/ hair and the shedding decreased/almost became no existent. Because I am not losing hair as quickly as it was growing, I’m seeing more growth and retention. Holding on to damaged ends and hair is going to cause more damage. You can not bring the damage back to life no matter what any miracle product says. Getting a trim will bring you closer to your length goals. It does not have to be a specific time period, but getting a trim as needed will be of great benefit to your hair care future!

We’re gearing up in ONE month: January 1st to start practicing proper length retention methods! Join us in our two month challenge (60 days) ! The challenge is free but you will have to put in that work!!! You’ll get monthly hair check ins/ updates, hair regimen options, protective styling options, prizes, giveaways, and more!! Sign up here now to be the first in the know and participate in actively retaining your length! Trials N' Tresses Retain Your Mane Hair Challenge

What steps have you taken to maximize your length retention? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below!

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3 Responses to 4 Tips To Maximize Your Length Retention

  1. All the information on this sight was extremely helpful. One product that I swear by is WEN
    conditioning shampoo and products. You see results after the first use and my hair is stronger and detangles on its own; no combs needed! No shedding and my curls are so very much more softer and defined. I am now taking the castor oil challenge.

    • That is very interesting with all of the drama surrounding Wen. I guess one thing works for some and not for others. Glad you are doing well with it! Let us know how the castor oil challenge goes!