One of the biggest complaints that women who are natural or considering going natural always share: Natural Hair can take quite a bit of time! And that is true I’m not going to lie or try and sugar coat the fact that some aspects of natural hair care can be very time consuming. However as we learn more about our hair, and alter our regimen to fit our needs we also need to learn how to get everything done without stopping to only focus on our hair. I don’t know about you… but I know I just don’t have that kind of time. So here are a few quick easy tips that I often capitalize on to maximize my time on wash day.

How To Maximize Your Time On Wash Day

  1. Pre-Poo, Detangle & Catch Up: Pre-pooing used to be an all night event and half the day event. I’d make my DIY concoction, put it on and leave it on over night. This meant I wasn’t stepping foot outside for the evening and would be rinsing it out first thing in the morning. Now I make a DIY concoction or use one of my fave oils and I’m pre-pooing/ detangling for 20 minutes  tops, while catching up on Youtube videos, or a show I missed for the week.
  2. Deep Condition & Workout: This is usually the longest period of time used in your wash day (as it should be) and the one that most naturalistas skip because they don’t have the time. I love deep conditioning because it is where I maximize most of my time on wash day. I used to deep condition and set up my breakfast/lunch and snacks for the week. Now I take this time to walk my dog, and go for a run. Working out while deep conditioning is great because it warms up the scalp and really helps the conditioner absorb into the strands of your hair. Plus you are going to rinse it out anyway so your scalp will be clean and refreshed after a hard workout. Now you’ve gotten both your exercise for the day and deep conditioning treatment for the week out of the way!
  3. Steam & Plan/Set Up: This really depends on your regimen, but I steam my hair on wash day with my Q-Redew handheld steamer. I steam either during the pre-poo step, deep conditioning step (not lately because of the running), or post styling/ LOC method. While steaming, I take the time to set up my week. This not only helps me stay organized, but can be pretty relaxing (or terrifying depending on whats coming up that week). Either way killing two birds with one stone is not only time effective, but frees you up to do something more relaxing with your day (I usually just sleep!).

So there you have it my quick easy tips/tricks to maximize your time on wash day. You don’t have to get stuck spending hours doing treatments, and detangling…etc. As long as it is done thoroughly there is no reason you cant multi task!

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