Winter is coming… which means Fall is here! Protective styling options are changing and most of us are going back to work! I am on a teacher salary paying of tons of school loans, so trust me when I say I understand how crucial it is to slay on a budget. As tempting as these beautiful 3-400 dollar units can be… sometimes we just can cough up that amount of cash. That is why I started looking into more affordable units that would give me the same illusion without nearly as much cost. Fast forward a few months and I have found one of my absolute favorite natural afro textured wigs. Plus … the benefit it is affordable.

natural afro textured affordable wig

Fall/Winter give us the opportunity to wear heavier protective styles (I’ve worn a wig a few times in the summer… and I don’t know how I survived). Summer is usually left for the braids, twists, and faux locs while the winter months call for something a bit warmer. A wig is a great option, especially if you have a busy life, that allows you to throw it on in the morning before work and take it off at night before bed. I find that wigs are usually the safer protective styling option as well (if used correctly). I tend to place my wigs behind my edges (must protect the edges at all times) and I coat the combs in JBCO for good measure. natural afro textured affordable wig

As with any protective style if you are not taking care of your natural hair then you really are doing a disservice to your hair and aren’t protecting it at all. With that disclaimer out of the way… let’s move on to the fun stuff! The hair! This unit cost about 50.00 dollars at my local beauty supply but you can also buy it from Amazon here! I have it in a 1b (which looks pretty much like the Jet Black 1 color) and I also have it in a 2 which is a more subdued brown/black mix. My first one (the darker 1B version) I’ve pretty much destroyed/killed because I’ve worn it to many many many events. The first time was at The Formation (pictured above). After that… she’s taken a few hits, so now I know to be a bit more gentle with the second one to help preserve it for longer. Watch the full review below with deets on the construction of the wig and how I achieved my big voluminous Diana Ross fro.

Realistic Natural Afro Textured Affordable Wig


natural afro textured affordable wig natural afro textured affordable wig natural afro textured affordable wig

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