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We’re still in the fairly new stages of natural hair care for our lovely kiddies. Even though there are tons of natural hair brands that have popped up since the movement took off, there are still very few options when it comes to natural hair brands that cater to kids. What’s the difference between natural hair care for adults and for kids? Well… we always want to give our loved ones the best possible outcome/possibility to be chemical free and safe. Therefore some of the ingredients that are in the hair products that we use as adults may be too harsh or abrasive for their tender scalps and hair.

But as usual when something is lacking in the natural hair community… we make it ourselves. There are 6 brand that are leading the pack and making it safe to take care of our curly kiddies naturally. Here are 6 natural hair brands that cater to kids !

6 Natural Hair Brands That Cater To Kids



1. Shea Moisture Kids

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.55.29 PM

2. Mielle Organics “Tiny & Tots” (use code: TRESSES for a discount out checkout )


3.Curls “Curly Q’s” 


4. Mixed Chicks Kids


5. Ouidad “Kryly Kids” 


6. The Mane Choice Kids

Have you used any of these natural hair brands for your kiddos? Which do you think was most effective or helpful in taming your toddler’s curls? Share your answers with us below!

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3 Responses to 6 Natural Hair Brands That Cater To Kids

  1. I’ve tried all of these at some point except Mane Choice kids. My daughter’s hair seems to get bored with products really quickly so we ending moving along. The Sheamoisture kids conditioner lasts forever though and I still use it in my son’s hair.