Natural Hair Care Routine For the Summer

I’m not only getting my summer body ready but I’m getting my summer hair care routine ready too! And thankfully… some of the steps overlap! It is time to update our natural hair care routine for the summer because winter is over, spring is waving good bye and we are ready to be sun kissed by the summer sun! Now I know what you’re thinking… ugh I’m tired of changing my regimen four times a year! Relax loveys… it’s not that crazy I promise. Slight variations to your natural hair care regimen help keep your hair on its toes and in tip top shape. What’s better than healthy hair? Flaunting it in the summer!


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And since you know over at TNT we focus on simple and effective… the slight changes and variations you’ll be making to your natural hair care routine will be just that. We’ve broken it down into three simple transitioning steps that you can start making now to ensure that you’re in the regular swing of things when the summer solstice is upon us. So remember (in my best Stark voice)… Summer is coming!

Natural Hair Care Routine For The Summer

1. Lighter Products: In the summer you need to change your product selection. Doesn’t mean you throw away your fall/winter products but you do need to pay attention to a few things. First things first, you need to use products that serve as a humectant. This will help pull in the moisture from the air and keep those strands looking lovely. Also lighter products will also cause less product buildup in the summer and won’t weigh down your hair. Your scalp naturally sweats more during the summer so using lighter products and oils will be more effective in giving you the shine and moisture you desire without the nasty heavy sweaty weight.

2. Protect Your Strands: Your hair needs protection year round. Protecting your ends is not a seasonal thing. However… it does take a bit of tweaking with the seasonal changes. Whether it is at night, the day or during a work out… (which I need constantly) you need to keep a barrier between your hair and the environment. The issue is these barriers sometimes are more detrimental to our tresses than the environment itself. The winter calls for keeping warm so we often trade our sense for warmth. Wool scarves and hats can wreak havoc on our hair. And our “satin” or “silk” scarves from the beauty supply stores really aren’t what they appear to be.

Instead I’ve been using my Slap (Satin-Lined Cap) by Grace Eleyae on my daily night time routine and fitness journey. I love products that serve multiple purposes and here’s what I love about it:

  • I hate wearing bonnets/ satin scarves outside. So the Slap serves as a protective barrier between my hair and the environment while also being a cute cap. I can go about my business (usually at the gym) and look fashionable instead of “ratchet”.
  • I wear my Slap to bed to prevent bed-head or breakage. I hate waking up in the morning to find my scarf has betrayed me and my hairstyle is a flop. No one has time to re-do their hair in the morning (I wake up at the crack of dawn…) and instead of waking up with bed head and disappointment I can just get up and go.

Slap (I love this name BTW) also has satin scrunches and hats (dad caps) which are super cute and will be my next purchase to slay in the summer in style while protecting my strands. You also get 10% off by using my direct link!! Happy savings!

3.Moisturize: Moisturizing is key year round… don’t forget that. However in the summer… you are up against extreme heat, chlorine from the pool, dry atmosphere (depending on where you live). To say the least… your hair is putting up a good fight to survive everything that the amazing beautiful summer is throwing up against it. You have to protect your hair when it’s unprotected. You can’t wear a protective style all of the time, and sometimes you have to take of your Slap (… sigh I know right). So when both of these layers of protection are missing protect your stands with moisture. Back in the day us naturalistas used to walk around with a spritz bottle in our bags (some of us still do) but we’ve evolved a bit. In choosing lighter products you also want to choose products that have moisture as their key ingredient (WATER). This means more co washing, using the LOC method to add moisture and seal it into your strands. Also… you need to nourish yourself from the inside out which means drinking more water. Not only will this do your body/skin good but it will also work wonders for your hair.


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How are you protecting and prepping your hair for the summer? Share your thoughts and routines with us in the comments below!

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