If you are lucky enough (groans) to live in an area that has four distinct seasons you have to alter your hair care regimen. We’ve moved from summer hair care (best deep conditioners for the summer + best hair moisurizers for the summer) into fall hair care (natural hair products for the fall) and now we’re just about ready for winter!

5 Natural Hair Care Tips For The Winter

1. Use Heavier Butters & Oils: Now is the time you are going to want to add heavier products and oils in your hair care regimen (unless you have low porosity hair then you need to follow this regimen here). You want to invest in products that have Shea Butter in them or use heavier/thicker oils like castor oil (JBCO). Most importantly stay away from humectants as you don’t want to attract dry air that will make your hair dry as well.

2. Pre-Poo & Deep Condition like your life depends on it: And throw in a good steaming on a weekly basis! I usually pre-poo and deep condition on a weekly basis, but during the winter months it is crucial to Pre Poo, Deep Condition and use a moisture based leave in to boot! This way you’ve got the prefect trifecta of moisture happening on your tresses. By adding in weekly steaming sessions as well you are ensuring that your cuticle has been opened to allow this moisture in! I use my Q-Redew quite frequently and it comes highly recommended. If you can’t afford to drop coins on a steamer, steam your hair while you are taking a shower!

3. Create A Barrier B/t You and The Environment: What I mean is the winter can have some harsh conditions that our hair just can not withstand. The dry frigid air and temperatures can be extremely drying and damaging. Instead make sure to throw on a hat, or scarf to keep your hair protected when you run out to slay in the street!

4. Beware of Winter Fabrics: While creating a barrier between you and the environment is absolutely necessary you also want to be beware of winter fabrics. These cana be extremely drying and damaging, just like the winter air. The worst culprit: WOOL! Everything in the winter seems to have wool in it and you are going to want to protect your hair from wool scarves, and hats! Instead go for protecters that are satin based.

5. Seal & Protect Your Ends: I’m all for protective styling, but I think where many naturals fall short is thinking protective styling must involve adding some sort of extension to your hair. That is not always necessarily the case. In the winter you want to make sure you seal your ends using a nice heavy oil in the LOC method. you then want to protect those ends. Buns, twists, and other protective styles can get the job done with adding hair. If you do choose to add hair that is also perfectly fine as long as you remember to take care of your actual hair as well!

What steps do you take to prepare your natural hair routine for the winter months? Share them with us in the comment box below!

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natural hair care tips for the winter

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5 Responses to 5 Natural Hair Care Tips For The Winter

  1. These natural hair care tips for Winter are really impressive, with each point going into a lot of detail. The section on “Seal & Protect Your Ends” can definitely maintain a healthy look for your hair, especially in the Winter months. Overall, this article will benefit all women who need tips when It comes to looking after their hair.

  2. Hi Melissa, at first thanks for sharing the great tips. We all love to get healthy and wealthy hair beauty. But we lost our beauty for wrong care. so I think this article will help to take care of our natural hair.

  3. Thanks Melissa for these tips 🙂 To add on to your list, we should also take care of what we eat and drink. Be sure to have a well-balanced meal with plenty of fruits & veggies. Lastly, Don’t forget to drink tons of water! [Avoid sodas and sweet drinks]