Sometimes we get so caught up in the drama of the natural hair community it can be difficult to see/remember how far we’ve come so we are sharing the 5 things we love about the natural hair community that make us so proud to be a part of it! The natural hair community obviously has more than just 5 things we love about it so we had an extremely difficult time narrowing it down! So please feel free to share what you also love in the comments below! So here we go the top 5 things we love about the natural hair community

1. Embracing Versatility:

The natural hair community is all about embracing versatility. If you don’t believe us just search through any hashtag related to natural hair and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of pictures of women with all different types of hair styles in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each style has its place place in the community and are welcome with open arms. From up dos, to blow outs, to roller sets we embrace the potential that natural hair possesses and admire the versatility it allows.

2. Plethora of Ideas:

Piggybacking on the love for the versatility of natural hair, the natural hair community provides new ideas constantly. No matter what you are thinking about giving a try there are hundreds of Youtube tutorials, or step by step tutorials on other social media platforms that will help you DIY and be the expert yourself. If it hasn’t been created or done yet? No problem, you can create and share your new idea without worry. The natural hair community allows for everyone to learn from one another in so many different aspects, which means its very very difficult to get bored. With  a new option always on the horizon, the natural hair community is an absolute provider of non stop cutting edge ideas for your hair.

3. Creativity:

The natural hair community created a whole new type of Youtube sensation, which allowed for women to pull out their cameras and offer a piece of themselves creatively. With competition increasing with the growth of Youtubers or Instagram gurus the natural hair community is revamping old tricks and turning them into creative wonderlands. Everything from faux locs, to a faux tapered cut give you the options of being creative without making life changing decisions. The creativity in the natural hair community has increased just as drastically as its popularity. We love seeing the new ideas, hair styles, brands, and products surface, succeed, and thrive. There is never a dull moment in the natural hair community.

4. Unity:

Though we do have our moments, when it comes down to it, the natural hair community knows how to stick together behind a cause. When it comes to natural hair events, terrible losses, brand recognition, illnesses and other forms of support, the natural hair community stands behind their own, which is so refreshing to witness. There is always going to be bickering and disagreements in a family type situation, but its nice to know that end of the day the natural hair community will stick together when and where it counts the most.

5. Progression:

What we love the most about the natural hair community is it is a community filled with progress. The natural hair community is ever evolving to fit the needs of those involved in it, therefore it is always on an incline towards progressive thinking and action. When I think about 10 years, 5 years, even just two years ago when I started my natural hair journey the natural hair section in the beauty supply store was barrel a quarter of a shelf. There were so few options to what could be done used, and now the natural hair community is dominating many aspects of the beauty world. Brand options and presence in various places has skyrocketed and I couldn’t be more proud. Now I can count on finding things that I need for my hair in a local beauty supply store, but also major stores such as Targets and Walmarts. If that is not a positive progressive step in the right direction I don’t know what is!

What are some of the things you love the most about the natural hair community? Share with us below!

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