We all have grown to love the natural hair community and all they have to offer whether it is for a newly natural, transitioner, or natural hair veteran. However we all have seen how the natural hair community can get a bit sensitive on particular topics that hit a nerve, and it then becomes an all  gloves and all bets are off type of situation. This leads us to our top five pet peeves of the natural hair community that we’ve personally experienced or witnessed in the past 2.5 years.

1. The Natural Hair Nazi:

The natural hair community is filled with different types of women which is what makes the community so beautiful. Different types of beliefs come out in each and every one of us on very rare occasion at various levels. However there is a special breed: the natural hair nazi God Bless Her soul, that makes it her personal duty to travel through social media as if it were a full time job negatively commenting and bashing whatever/ whoever they come across that has a difference in opinion from theirs. The best reaction I’ve found to dealing with with these types of people in the natural hair community, is to simply gracefully ignore them. There’s no use/need to argue or go back and forth with them, especially not on social media, because you will not win, and they will not change their minds.  The natural hair nazi is actually my biggest pet peeve in the natural hair community and leads into my other pet peeves as well.

2. Anti Protective Style: 

What I’ve come to accept and love from most people in the natural hair community is that natural hair is versatile and we are extremely open to new ideas, styles, tips, and tricks. I have grown to love all of the different types of protective style I’ve seen gain popularity over the past year. What I’ve also been seeing is an immense dislike for protective styles that seem to incorporate adding in hair. Whether it be faux locs, crochet braids, a sew in, marley twists, sengalese twists, box braids…etc so on and so forth I consistently see comments/responses from people saying that these women are trying to perpetuate as if that is their real hair, or they are ashamed to show their real hair in its natural state…etc. Having in a protective style that incorporates added hair does not mean that natural is ashamed or not in touch with her natural self. Going natural is supposed to be a liberating experience and people go through that journey differently. They shouldn’t be shamed into feeling they are not apart of the community because they have twists in their hair, or a sew in.

3. Anti Color Treated/ Straightened Hair

The group of women who decide to color their natural hair or straighten their hair receive the most backlash… even more than the women who decide to add in hair to their protective style. That is a major pet peeve for me, because no one has the final say on what makes a natural a true natural. That definition should come from within. Some naturals feel that to be a true natural you must be chemical free and in your curly state. While others feel being natural means just being relaxer free. And you know what… it shouldn’t really matter/bother anyone how someone else is defining the hair on their head. The wars that have started on Instagram and Facebook because a woman has decided to change up her look/style have been so enlightening and terrifying. We as a community have come so far from where we were just a few short years ago, therefore its saddening to see that we are still trying to keep each other in a box instead of praising one another for the risk and versatility that natural hair allows and calls for.

4. Texture Obsession & Bashing

This  natural community pet peeve has been increasing drastically this year after the Jouelzy texture discrimination video and the response videos that spawned as well. It seems that the natural hair community has grown so quickly and vastly that we often times forget just how under represented we were just a few short years ago. Now that we are seeing some major gains in the public eye, we are tearing each other down into categories that were created as a positive means of helping to find the right products for your hair. We should be embracing all textures, but as we move further and further into a more popular state of acceptance it seems as though the only way to coexist is for one texture to put down the other.

5. Lack of Faith

This natural hair community pet peeve may be one of the saddest and meanest one I’ve encountered. Are there women who lie about their hair on social media? Of course! There are people who lie just about everything on line if you look hard enough. However that doesn’t and shouldn’t take away from the women who have transitioned, and worked hard with loads of time dedicated to creating a natural hair regimen that works just for them. For these naturalistas to face ENDLESS disrespect “That’s not her hair” “Her hair don’t really look like that” “That’s a weave/wig” is not only disheartening but it its disrespectful. Instead of following along their journey, doing research, or simply asking people take offense at the possibility that a naturalista can have amazing hair or growth. We should not be attempting to bring members of the community down because of our lack of security in what is on our own heads.

What are some of your own natural hair community pet peeves that you have encountered ?

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2 Responses to Top 5 Natural Hair Community Pet Peeves

  1. I love this post, this about sums it up for me! I felt all of these things a few years ago and didn’t want to be recognized as a “natural” because of these very pet peeves! I feel much better now though. 🙂