resizedSo over my Thanksgiving break I decided to give Faux Locs a try… and 6 hours later VOILA!!! I am a loc’d up shawty for the next few weeks. I have been receiving non stop compliments about this protective style and I must say I am absolutely loving it. Instead of paying some of the highly outrageous (though I’m sure worth it) prices for faux locs I decided to do them myself. I didn’t originally film the process but I’ve been having a few slippage issues so I recorded a refresher for you. Below I show you how I install the locs on my two strand twist using the Naptural85 method which requires so much less hair. Therefore making this protective style less bulky than its counter parts, lightweight, flexible, durable, and most certainly cost effective.

I bought 6 packages of Marley hair and only used 4.5. I go into further detail in the video on the type of hair (brands/colors included) and how I maintain the locs after install. After I remove them I will give a full run down of what styles I did, how did I enjoy the loc’d up experience and everything in between. Til then… enjoy the tutorial and don’t be afraid to take a crack at em! They are super easy… way easier than I thought they were going to be and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

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