braiding or twisting

As far as I have come in the natural hair game there are still styles I can’t accomplish on my own because of the particular skills I am lacking. And what would those particular skills happen to be? I cant braid/ cornrow to save my life. And if you’ve been natural or transitioning you know that twists can also be just as tricky as braids as well. So with all of these Youtube tutorials showing how easy or beautiful a style is with a basis using braids or twists it is easy to feel left out. I know I’d love to jump into crochet braids, and ghana braids on my own without spending hundreds of dollars (teacher salary doesn’t allow for much more than DIY hair styles) but I just can’t get my hands to do the braiding magic. If this sounds like your struggle then this post is directly for you. I understand the struggle, and that is why I’ve compiled this list of natural hair styles to try without braiding or twisting.

Most of the styles mentioned below need no more than a few bobby pins, hair ties, some hair gel, and some great hair accessories.

Natural Hair Styles to Try Without Braiding Or Twisting

1. Roll Tuck Pin

2. Wash And Go

3. The Cinnabun

4. Textured Bun

5. Faux Hawk

Which hair style would you rock as a naturalista who can’t seem to get the braids and twists done? Share your thoughts and answers below.