When I was transitioning there was so much I wish I knew or someone had told me, which is why I vow that as long as you’re a TNT follower, that I will do my best to make you aware of the tips/tricks that can make your transition to natural so much easier than you think. I received an email the other day asking what can she do to make her hair grow faster and make the transition easier. And while there is no sure fire one stop shop way to making your hair grow faster I can help make your natural hair transition just a bit easier. Here’s how

6 Ways To Make Your Natural Hair Transition Easier

1. Get the proper tools: The same tools you used on your relaxed hair aren’t necessarily going to be the best tools to use on your natural hair so you might as well switch them out from jump in your transitioning period. You are going to want to get wide tooth combs, and toss the rat tail combs. Besides that you are going to want to stock up on bobby pins, head ties, Goody bands, perm rods, flexi rods, curl formers…etc. You’re going to want to give the flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers a break for a while. These tools will make styling so much easier especially if you give yourself the time to play around/learn them well. Youtube will become your best friend!

2. Embrace new styles/looks: This was hard for me during my transition because I didn’t feel like I looked pretty with my hair in transitioning styles (twist outs, puffs…etc) Your hair is going to look different which will undeniably make you look/feel different. Instead of fighting it or feeling depressed about it learn to embrace the different looks your hair will be able to give you. That is what going natural is all about. The versatility to achieve any look you want at any time!

3. Moisturize Frequently: My hair was so so so dry during my transitioning period because I lacked the proper products. (This can be a part of your proper tool preparation as well) You want to check/make sure that the products you are using in your hair are moisturizing (should have water listed as the first ingredient). You are also going to want to familiarize your self with the L.O.C method which will enable you to lock in moisture to your hair. While transitioning it is best to moisturize daily as your hair is still trying to adjust to the new regimen you are setting up for it in your natural hair journey.

4. Let Go Of Dead Ends Sooner: This can be a really difficult step for many. If you wanted to big chop you wouldn’t be transitioning I know… but trust me from someone who transitioned for almost a year, the process gets easier the sooner and more frequently you let go of the dead/relaxed ends. They will never revert back to natural, so there is no sense in holding on to them for too long. Your twists, braid outs, perm rod sets…etc will thank you as well. Styles will look better, and your hair will appear thicker/fuller with the absence of the thin relaxed dead ends.

5. Protective Styling: Before I transitioned to natural I wasn’t a major protective styler at all. I never wore box braids, twists, faux locs…etc and just started getting acquainted with sew in weaves. Once I started experimenting with protective styles the process became much easier, and I started to actually miss my hair. Trying out protective styles not only gives you a break from your hair it gives your hair a break from you. You will see more growth/retainment (if you care for your protective style properly), and have more opportunity to cut off those dead ends as your new natural texture grows in.

6. Pick A Regimen That works For you: When you are transitioning you are going to want to live on Youtube and thats okay it happens. You are also going to want to try everything you see the Youtube bloggers do… and that may not be the best thing to do. You are going to want to learn really early that your hair isn’t going to behave or react the same way other people’s hair does. That is why it is important to pick a hair regimen that works specifically for you (best if it is simple… don’t over complicate your wash day you’ll definitely regret it). Once you have the basic steps in your hair regimen you can of course play around and have fun with it, but you are always going to want to have that basic foundation to make sure your hair flourishes.

So there you have it. 6 Steps to keep in mind and do while transitioning to make the process a lot easier and simpler. If you’re currently transiting what is the hardest part for you right now? If you are finished with your transition what was your hardest part?

Besides making your transition easier I’ve compiled a list of what you should be expecting in your first year of transition below! Hope you enjoy and if you do don’t forget to subscribe!!

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