Where did you grow up?


What do you want to make sure your audience knows?

About you?

My name is Muhga Eltigani and I am the founder of NaturAll Club, the first company to deliver fresh fruit-based hair products. I also run a natural hair blog that has over 43,000 subscribers.

I wear many hats, I am a writer, speaker, a social media influencer, entrepreneur and a pretty good kick ball player, if I do say myself.

This year, I was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Retail and eCommerce as “one of the most impressive list members” due to my innovative hair care products.

About your brand?

NaturAll Club makes fresh fruit hair products using food technology to help the 17 million curly/kinky haired women in the U.S. get the nutrients their hair needs for less frizz and tangles.

What made you decide to begin NaturAll club?

I wanted a product that celebrated a woman’s natural curls. I was frustrated at the current hair product options that left my hair feeling dry, brittle, and unhealthy so I decided to make a better line.

What is the motto of your brand?

Our hair is part of our body so why not put the same good things we put in our body on our body? That is the mission and reason I decided to start NaturAll Club.

Brief background/ synopsis on your brand:

When NaturAll Club was still only an idea, I started a crowdfunding campaign. I was cautiously optimistic we would hit the fundraising goal, but in fact, we surpassed it! It was a surreal moment, because for the first time I felt I could truly succeed with the business model I created.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?
The most rewarding part of my career is speaking to each customer! It’s an incredible feeling that something you created has helped make their lives a little better and made them love their hair a little more

Least rewarding?

The least rewarding part of running a business is that there is always so much to do and not enough hours in a day

Who depends on your success? Who are you doing this for besides yourself?

I want every little girl, who never imagined being a founder of the next biggest brand, to look up at me and know that not only can she do it, she can do anything she sets her mind too! I wish the younger version of myself could see that she has always been capable of anything

If you weren’t in your field what would you be doing?

Attending Law School

What is going to be your legacy?

I hope to be remembered as someone who smiled a lot, always followed her dreams & spread inspiration to others!

Has your family always supported you throughout your career?

Yes, they support anything I want to do, as long as I strive for excellence in whatever that thing may be.

Who is the rock behind your empire?

I draw inspiration from my mom. I saw her transition from being a stay at home mom to going back to school, and finally becoming a doctor. So many people assume they can’t advance in their careers or start something new once they start raising children, but my mom showed so much persistence. Her determination inspired me to move forward and start my own business, and when I feel like I have a lot on my plate with NaturAll Club, I just think of her going back to school while raising four kids.

What projects do you have coming up? What should we be looking out for?

New products in 2018! (Pssst If you want to get sneak peaks of the product sign up for our newsletter here: 

What are your social media platforms?