If you’re experiencing random breakage there could be a simple reason (well with natural hair there could be many reasons). Your night time regimen may be to blame. Many times we get either too sleepy, or forget a crucial step and end up absentmindedly ruining all of your hard work. But now… we’re going to nip that in the bud.

Don’t get lost in the sauce (I know… too much time with my students). These simple steps for your night time regimen are simple, easy to do and don’t require much time.

night time regimen for natural hair

3 Step Simple Night Time Regimen For Natural Hair

1. Decide On Style: The first step in your night time regimen is deciding on what you want you to look like in the morning (much easier than deciding what you want to eat right?). Depending on how far away you are from your last wash day (or how close you are to the next one) this will vary. If you are protective styling this also will be vary depending on the style you currently have installed. Essentially this first step dictates how long your night time routine/regimen will last for that evening.

If you have to re-style this is the step you are on! Deciding on re-twisting, untwisting, bantu knotting…etc is crucial to dictating just how long you are going to be in that bathroom. If you are not retwisting and simply need to refresh your current hair style in the morning when you wake up… then proceed to step #2.

2. Moisturize If Necessary: I’m a firm believer in not over doing it. This means that you should always keep your hair moisturized yes… but if your hair is retaining moisture on a day to day basis then do NOT do this everyday. You will end up with a hand full of grease and over moisturizing can be a detriment to your hair as well (trust me… I’ve been there and done that). If moisturizing is necessary that evening spritz your hair with a light moisturizer (your leave in of choice or simply use water). I tend to add water with an essential oil if I’m feeling fancy, simply because I don’t want to layer on too much product on my hair in between wash days.

After you spray on your liquid moisturizer you should add a styling cream/oil to seal in the moisture. If you’re retwisting your strands now is the perfect time. If you plan on wearing a puff or style that doesn’t require much manipulation be careful not to add too much water/product so you don’t disrupt the style or face massive shrinkage in the morning (unless that is the look you’re going for… then by all means do ya thang!)

3. Protect: This step is so crucial and so often forgotten (especially when we’re in a rush or just too tired to get up/move). You have to protect your hair while you sleep. Throw on that trusty bonnet, satin lined cap, head scarf…etc. Whatever it is that you use, don’t forget to put it on. You have to do this… because if you’ve taken care of steps 1 and 2 and you skip out on 3… all of your work was honestly and truly for nothing! I particularly get lazy when I have in a protective style and all of my hair is tucked away. WRONG! Don’t do this either. By protecting even your protective style you are keeping the style fresher for longer thus increasing the wear of it. You are also still preventing unnecessary friction to occur to your natural hair as well!

What is a crucial step you must do/take for your natural hair before you go to bed? Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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