In the natural hair community we’re often looking for the next quick fix to all of our natural hair problems. But the reality is that sometimes it just takes a bit of a patience and elbow grease. Or in this case oils. Here are 12 oils to help thicken your natural hair if used regularly.

12 Oils To Help Thicken Your Natural Hair

41bUOsRZcLL1. Castor OilIs the holy grail for naturals wanting to thicken their hair. This carrier oil helps control frizz , promote growth, thickening, and helps with hair loss. Castor oil also helps with any scalp infections that you may battling/dealing with as well. The reason why? Castor Oil is crammed full of omega 3-s, Vitamin E, and protein.

SPT-00285-12. Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oil has fatty amino acids that help in promoting hair growth and preventing breakage. Grapeseed oil also possess Vitamin E which is a known oil for thickening natural hair.

Now-Foods_Cedarwood-Oil3. Cedarwood Oil: is an essential oil that is often not mentioned or cast aside for the other popular oils used in the natural hair community. However Cedewarood oil is an essential oil that is beneficial in thickening natural hair when mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Olive oil.

pGNC1-2464029dt4. Lavendar Oil: Is another essential oil that must be mixed with a carrier oil to promote effective hair growth and thickening. Lavendar serves as an antibacterial that helps with dandruff and itching. A gentle scalp massage with lavender can help soothe tension and invigorate your scalp. With increased blood flow, your hair will grow at a healthier pace.

pGNC1-2805115t300x3005. Rosemary Oil: I am having a new love affair with rosemary oil as it can be used for so many things. It is great on natural hair as well. Rosemary oil promotes follicle growth if properly used/stimulated. Rosemary oil is also great during the summer, or for people who live in hot/dry areas year round because Rosemary oil is able to help restore hair that has been exposed to sun damage or pollutants. Be careful though as Rosemary oil is an essential oil and should always be diluted or mixed with a carrier oil. If you want to know why/ or see a list of essential vs. carrier oils you can check out our list here for more info.

Now-Foods_white-thyme-oil-1-oz6.Thyme: Believe it or not thyme can be used for more than just cooking. Thyme helps increase blood flow in the scalp. This helps it deliver nutrients that help with healthy hair development. Thyme also helps with alleviating dandruff, and thinning hair. Thyme is also an essential oil you’ll want to mix or dilute.

Nature-Bounty-Vitamin-E-Oil7.Vitamin E: I’ve mentioned Vitamin E in a few other oils, but using pure Vitamin E is also just as simply effective. Vitamin E helps with regeneration of cells which is why it is so beneficial for skin care and hair care.

81XxKN4oqDL._SL1500_8.Coconut Oil: May very well be the holy grail oil of the natural hair movement. Coconut oil promotes hair growth, moisturizes, strengthens, and prevents damage. All while helping to thicken the density of your hair. Coconut oil also is amazing for just about everything: skin care, beauty, health & digestion…etc.

dscf48579.Babassu Oil: Babassu Oil is the cousin or close sibling of coconut oil. It contains the same vitamins/minerals but has a much lighter consistency. Babassu oil seems to be very effective for ladies whose natural hair doesn’t get along with coconut oil. This usually happens if you have low porosity hair, therefore Babassu oil is probably your best bet. You can learn more about Babassu oil here in relation to its connection to coconut oil, and its benefits!

pGNC1-2486167dt10. Jojoba Oil: Is not only a great emollient for moisturizing the hair but it is also most closely related to the natural oils our scalp produces on its own. Jojoba oil helps promote a heathy strong head of hair and scalp. To encourage growth and thickening I suggest you massage jojoba oil on your scalp 3xs a week for 15 minutes (or you can do 5xs a week for 5-7 minutes). This will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate growth.

IberiaExtraVirginOliveOil11.Olive Oil: Olive oil was my first go to oil when I started transitioning back to natural hair. Why? Well besides the fact that it was readily available in my kitchen,  it also has some great benefits for natural hair. As a humectant olive oil is great for retaining moisture in the hair even in the most humid of situations. Olive oil also helps with increasing circulation in your scalp that helps with growth and prevents hair from falling out.

NOW-07661-612.Almond Oil: Almond oil has been one of my absolute favorite oils for my hair, and skin for quite some time (and it still is for great reason). Almond oil is filled with magnesium that helps prevent hair loss and breakage thus promoting healthier growing hair. Almond oil also has many other life benefits so it is worth it to always have a bottle handy in your home.

Have you had any experiences with any of the oils mentioned above? If so let us know in the comments below.

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13 Responses to 12 Oils To Help Thicken Your Natural Hair

    • I would use 1-2 tablespoons of 3-4 oils if you are going to mix and use in addition to a treatment. I oil my scalp 1-2 times a week and I do not run it through the hair so I do not weigh down my hair. Hope this helps and good luck with your hair journey!

      • I dont shampoo my hair a lot because it is naturally dry. So what I do is make a mask of avocado, banana, egg yoke, and a mixture of castor oil, olive oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, black castor seed oil and blend them all together by hand. I massage them into my dry hair once a week leaving the mask on for thirty minutes covered with saran wrap to catch any drips. I then rinse out using a wide tooth comb taking any chunks of avocado and banana. I use a small amount of thinned out shampoo and my hair is so soft and grows so fast. My stylist cant stop commenting on how nice my hair looks. It’s a little bit of work to do all of this but I like my hair to look nice. Thanks. Joy

  1. Informative site. Do explain which carrier oils can be used wth essential oils eg. Teatree oil with which carrier oil.

  2. I’m a fan of the extra virgin coconut oil and castor oil mixed with lavender, I have yet to try the other oils!!!! I guess you can say I got STUCK, LOL ??I do have question, can the egg,mayo hair mask be combined with maybe a teaspoon of Neem powder??? Please respond

  3. I’ve just started with caster oil but I’m still losing my hair, but not as much as I was. It was coming out in handfuls but now it’s only about a quarter of that.
    I only use a wet hair comb and if I put my hair up in a bun on my head I’ll only comb my hair every 2 or 3 days to minimize the hair loss.
    I also color my hair and I color every couple of months.