perfect your natural hair style

Natural hair can be tricky, especially if you are just starting out on your natural hair journey. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the deets on how you can perfect your natural hair style (no matter the style) every single time. Say what?

You read that correctly. We’re taking the guessing game out of styling your natural hair and we couldn’t make it any easier. We’ve broken it down into 7 easy to follow quick steps that will leave your twist out fleeky every single time.


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So let’s get into it shall we?

perfect your natural hair style

7 Ways To Perfect Your Natural Hair Style Every Time

1. Make Sure It’s Dry: How many times have you had the bomb, super moisturized twists, braids, bantu knots… and you just know it is going to come out amazing. But then you unravel just a little too early and end up with a damp, soggy, frizzy shriveled mess. Besides being extremely frustrating, I know that I always feel like I’ve wasted my time, energy, and product for a not so stellar style that I’m now going to have to throw into a bun or puff. The key most important tip to perfect your natural hair style every time is to make sure that it is dry every single time. This calls for styling your hair while damp, instead of soaking wet, and siting under a hooded dryer if you won’t have enough time to air dry thoroughly.

2. Work In sections: This isn’t only for your styling this is for every step of your hair care regimen. Everything should be done in style, to cut down on detangle time. This means while washing, detangling, styling..etc you want to work in four to six sections. This way you also avoid breakage and wasting your time re-detangling with every step of your regimen. A properly sectioned and detangled head of hair will always lead to the perfect natural hair style.

3. Moisture Moisture Moisture: Make sure that your hair is moisturized using actual moisture. You can not moisturize with oil alone… oil is the sealant. The key to moisturizing is water. You want to start off working with  damp hair, and then use products that have water listed as their first ingredient. The products you use for styling and moisturizing also should be light as to not weigh down the hair. Seal with a light oil to keep the moisture in and your style is set for flawless victory.

4. Detangle Before You Style: As I mentioned earlier your style will never come out sleek and frizz free if you do not take the time to detangle before you style. Use the proper tools to detangle (which can be as simple as using your hands) and work in sections until your whole head is tangle free.

5. Gel For Hold & Your Edges: Depending on the style you are aiming to achieve you may want to use a little or a lot of gel. In any situation the right gel and the right amount can make all the difference between a flaky mess and a gelled down masterpiece. If you are going for a sleek bun or puff add just the right amount of gel to lay down any frizzes and use a tooth brush to lay down those edges. Try and use a moisturizing gel to avoid any flake-age and stiff/ crunchy hair.

6. Style: The styling portion of getting the perfect natural hair style is key. You need to be consistent and remember not to style too tightly to not cause  damage/ breakage. When twisting you want to use the same intensity/ pressure, same for bantu knots and braids. This way when you are taking the hair down you won’t tangle the hair, or mess up your ends. When you take down the style lightly oil your hands to make sure you o not cause frizz in the take down process.

7. Separate and Fluff: Last but certainly not least, if you’ve followed all of the steps mentioned above then you’re in the home stretch. Separating and fluffing sounds easy enough but it can make or break your style. You want to make sure you are separating in the way that your hair chooses to. (Confusing?!?!?). Don’t yank the hair apart… follow the shape/pattern of the hair as it unravels naturally. Fluff from the root and try to leave the ends as is to prevent too much frizziness and manipulation.

There you have it. 7 quick tips to perfect your natural hair style every time!