If you didn’t see when I revealed my big surprise about my 2015 hair reveal you missed a pretty big shock didn’t you! Well the reveal had a little something to do with the Tapered Unit from King Me Hair that I’ve been gushing about all over social media. And just like I promised I’m bringing a quick styling update. In this quick 4 minute video I run you through an awesome and easy perm rod set tutorial to leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. Now I’m no perm rod set aficionado because I’ve had my share of fails and disappointments when it comes to this hair styling tool, but I am happy to report that this time it went well! Yay for me!

I was originally rocking the tapered unit in a twist out but I think I’m kinda liking the more defined perm rod set look. What do you think? Which do you think is the better look? Leave your vote in the comments section below!

perm rod set tutorialCheck out the flicks from my perm rod set tutorial success! Then peep the quick tutorial below! You wont want to miss out!

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