post workout hair care routine

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We’re still on the healthy wave in preparation for the summer. Besides watching what goes into your body, and working out you also have to take care of your natural hair when you are doing hitting the gym. Why? Because you don’t want this banging body and unhealthy hair. The goal, no matter how long or short your natural hair is, is to have healthy hair that is thriving.

Working out in the gym can be extremely damaging to your hair if you don’t take proper protocol. So… does that mean your hair care routine is going to be doubled? Uh… nah! But there are some things that need to be done to prepare and take care of your natural hair post workout.

Post Workout Hair Care Routine For Your Natural Hair

1. Co Wash over Shampoo: We already know that we shouldn’t be washing our hair every single day, that is a given. However, we do need to refresh our hair after we workout and the best way to do that is to co-wash. By co washing after you work out you are adding moisture back into the hair, easing the detangling process, and preventing any funky odors from creeping up from your scalp. It also helps keep your hair fairly clean before you get to your wash day.

2. Use a silk scarf during your work out: During your workout you want to wear a silk scarf or head tie to protect your hair from rubbing when doing floor work. The silk scarf will also protect your hair and keep your hair do in place while you are getting your sweat on.

3. Leave In and Steam: Once you have finished co washing make sure you add a nice creamy leave in and steam your hair 1-3 times a week to add in moisture. Also using a light oil to seal your ends will help do wonders for your hair.

4. Deep Condition: Once a week you want to deep condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner (you can use a protein conditioner every 6 weeks in your hair care regimen). Deep conditioning will help keep your tresses moisturized and restore whatever moisture may have been lost during your extensive workout week.

5. Braid & Twist it up: Before heading to the gym a quick easy step is to throw your hair into a few big braids/twists. This will keep your hair detangled as you work out and will make it easy to throw into a new/different style for your next day. You can also throw your hair into a bun to make styling simple.

6. Protective Style: The easiest way to protect your hair during intense workout sessions is to wear a protective style. This keeps your ends protected and lets you focus on your workout. It also allows you not to worry/panic about twisting / un twisting your hair for your next day at work or date. Choose a protective style you can leave in for 1-6 weeks and get your workout on!

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