Happy New Year!!! For 2017 I promise to try (I don’t promise to succeed) but I promise to try and post more Youtube videos! So why not start the first post of the year with a blog/ video combo!

For the holiday season I decided to get my first sew in weave in three years. I decided to go with a sew in weave instead of a wig, clip ins, or crochet because I wanted something more secure in my vacation shenanigans and wanted to try something different. Plus in choosing virgin human hair, I can re-use the hair for quite some time, so I fully plan on turning this into a bomb wig once I remove it.

The hair I had installed is the “Pure Beauty” texture from PrivateStock which closely resembles 3c type hair when it comes out of the packaging. I dyed the hair a lighter golden brown color. I initially wanted the hair to be a lighter color closer to a dirty blonde, but I bought boxed dye which is milder than simply buying a stronger bleach/developer combo. However I’m very happy with the way the color came out, and I feel like it gives it a more natural appearance. It also blends well with my hair as the tips of my hair are lighter than the hair closer to my scalp, so the ombre look works well.

In my initial review below, I show you how I dyed the hair, how my stylist Naya cornrowed the base before the installation, and my styling/blending process. I’ll be giving a second review of the hair to let you know my final thoughts and different looks/styles I’ve tried. So if you haven’t subscribed to our Youtube channel you want to get on it because I’ve got tons to say in 2017!!!

privatestock pure beauty

PrivateStock Pure Beauty Initial Review

privatestock pure beauty

I did have some initial blending issues because the hair does have a bit more luster than my natural hair does. I didn’t leave too much leave out out, but I did leave just enough to have a versatile install. I can put the hair up into high pony tails and buns, while also having a slick easy middle part. I love the flat twist look as it blends the easiest and is the most natural. I do want to play around with flexi rods, perm rods, and flat ironing to see just how much the hair can take!

Overall the hair is very soft and manageable. It hasn’t given me any serious tangles, or ridiculous shedding. Granted I haven’t done much styling to it yet, so I can’t say how long the perfection will last. Curly hair does take managing no matter if it is a weave, wig, or your natural hair so this hair does take a bit of maintainance. Nothing too crazy because I certainly don’t have time for crazy. I put one giant braid or two strand twist into the hair at night. I spritz the braid with water, and oil the end to bring back a bit of curl/texture because I do comb the hair out to give a fuller bigger look that blends with my leave out easily.

Thanks for watching loves! And you can also get some great diy tips, tricks and more on our natural hair dedicated Pinterest board!