Natural hair extensions have popped up everywhere in the natural hair community and sometimes it can be really difficult figuring out which company to go with and which one is worth your money.

6 Best Natural Hair Extensions

KurlyKlipsFinalWeb-3_1024x1024   1. Kurly Klips: Kurly Klips were my first set of natural hair clip ins. And I must say that I am happy that I got to experience this hair first. As the front runner in natural hair clip ins it’s no surprise that these clip ins are still holding up even after a year of use. You can see my first initial review of the hair here as well as my most recent review of the hair after 1.5 years of use. 

HauteKoils-HauteKinkyhair2. Haute Kinky Hair:  I experienced Haute Kinky Hair’s kinkiest line “Haute Kinks” last summer and since then the brand has greatly grown to include more than just wefted hair. They’ve added U-part wigs in not only the natural hair color we’ve come to know but also silver/grey for naturalistas that want to experience the new grey hair trend. You can see my full review/thoughts on the Haute Kinky Hair brand here!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.42.59 AM3. Kinky Curly YakiKinky Curly Yaki has so many options it’s impossible not to find something you like or looking for. What I love the most about this natural hair extensions brand is that they offer you so many options. From wigs to clip ins they meet every texture of natural hair in many variations. You dont have to worry about having the texture that matches your hair only be available on wefts or pre made clip ins. They variety and options provided by Kinky Curly Yaki make it a savior for women looking for variety and a bit of fun with their natural hair. Check out my full quick and easy flexi rod set using my Kinky Curly Yaki clip ins.

slider15-500x3334. King Me Hair: King Me Hair is one of my fave natural hair extensions because of their attention to detail when it comes to making a pop u-part or lace front wig. My all time favorite is their tapered wig unit. Not only are they the only one in the game with a tapered wig that is worth wearing they have certainly mastered the design that makes it possible to fool many on lookers. If you don’t want to get an actual tapered cut this is the wig for you! Take a look at my wig slayage of the King Me Hair Tapered unit here! 

unnamed-45. Her Given Hair: Her Given Hair is a brand spanking new line still currently in the testing phase of their business plan that has sprung up on the natural hair community. They are extremely focused on making sure their customers have the best possible experience with their hair so they are taking extreme precaution in their testing to make sure that once the hair is released for sale that their customers are getting a quality product. That is what I truly love about this brand/line besides that they offer three different textures in different options as well. You can see my full review of this hair here on the site! 

Processed with Moldiv6. HeatFree Hair: Oh oh oh… how I love love love Heat Free Hair. As the front runner in natural hair extensions they really understood exactly what we needed as a protective styling option. The different options offered are a great positive but its the quality of the hair that sets it apart. This hair will last you well into the 1-2 year mark if taken care of properly, so this investment is worth your while!

Four of these lines are owned by black women so that is a definite plus in my book! Have you tried any of these natural hair extensions. What were your favorites and results?

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