I’ve decided that instead of trying to rush my growth or gauge how fast I can “force” my hair to grow that I would instead focus more on length retention and growing/maintaining a healthy head of hair. After all that is the key and purpose to having long hair isn’t it ladies… to make sure that it looks great and healthy atop our heads! Deep Conditioning is key to this!

WHY DEEP CONDITIONING IS IMPORTANT: Deep Conditioning is a method used to help prevent as much damage as possible while giving your hair “life”. All of that “good stuff” in your deep conditioner gets absorbed into your hair the longer you leave it on your hair (although after 30-45 minutes it really isn’t doing anything more at that point) Deep conditioning not only adds moisture but also provides a level/layer of strength to your hair in between wash days. Mostly deep conditioning adds that extra shield of moisture during your wash day regimen that will help your hair battle the environment.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DEEP CONDITION AND HOW SHOULD I DO IT: I personally deep condition once a week during wash days but you can also do it twice a month instead (every other week). Deep conditioning should be a vital part of your hair regimen so I recommend completing a conditioning session with each wash day. Deep conditioning without heat is an acceptable form and trust me I’ve done so many times simply because I like to do several house chores or errands while deep conditioning and can’t stay tied down to one spot. However I just stumbled onto Thermal Care’s Hot Head deep conditioning cap (review coming shortly) that has allowed me to use heat along with my deep condition on a weekly basis. The heat is an added bonus to all of the goodness in your deep conditioner by opening up the shaft of your hair to allow the moisture in at a deeper level.

Just about every product line has a deep conditioner in its arsenal. I personally like to boost my store bought deep conditioners by adding essential oils to them such as coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. I’ve used just about every deep conditioner out there to do the trick but I find my two favorites are Cantu’s Deep Treatment Masque, and Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque.


You can check out my review on both products here! I am however going to try the two following deep treatments over the next few months:


Let me know if anyone has used these two/ had success with them or have another great deep conditioning treatment that they’d like to share.


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3 Responses to 6 Inches In 6 Months Hair Growth Challenge Week #9 Deep Conditioning

  1. I find that deep conditioning is the VITAL KEY to maintaining your hair’s beauty as well as maintaining your hair’s growth. It doesn’t promote hair growth but it does keep your hair healthy and strong so your able to maintain it’s growth. When one day when I started deep conditioning my hair I was doing it twice a week and on week three, when I got alittle lazy and just abruptly stop. I’m not kidding I noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY HAIR OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS. Surprisingly my hair lost it glow. I noticed my hair strands more than normal falling out. Shedding more way more than usual. But MOST IMPORTANTLY……It looked as though from the time I stop Deep Conditioning my hair STOP GROWING. I immediately started back up and haven’t stopped since.

  2. I deep condition my hair with olive oil. Milk protien included and then rub in coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie with w/silk protein and neem oil. I a most cry. My hair was so coarse and dry. I had to wash it out and put olive oil in my hair. I tried the porosity test and my hair flows on top. I don’t know what to do. I keep buying products that don’t work. My hair curls natural, I just add water or when I put condition it just form curls.