I am an avid lover of all things conditioner as I am a major co-washer. I shampoo very minimally and have decided to go on a 6 month no poo challenge for myself. Feel free to join in if you’d like.. just an experiment I thought I’d tackle. So that has led me on a hunt for many different conditioners that will help keep my tresses moisturized during my wash day hair regimen, and re-moisturizing moments in between.

So here’s a list of some conditioners I’ve dabbled in during my natural hair journey and haven’t broken the bank!!

Budget Friendly Conditioners For Natural Hair


I am a huge lover of all things Trader Joes if you have read or followed any of my other posts you know I’m all about this place and for good reason! I first started using Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner when it was recommended by a co worker. Come to find out Naptural85 is also an avid user and supporter of the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. These two products have amazing slip, smell great, and leave a nice clean feeling tingle on your scalp. And how much will these products cost you?!? $3.00 each!!! So you get a great shampoo and conditioner for a little more than 6 bucks after taxes! Thats a great deal to me!!


On to another Trader Joes classic The Nourish Spa set (I haven’t used their shampoo) comes at an even cheaper price with the same great results. Also recommended by this co worker I bought a bottle of the conditioner for 2.89 (16.89 oz) a definite bargain in my book! I bought it over a year ago and I still have the same bottle (mostly because I am a product junkie but I am trying to alleviate that problem). I’ve used this both on my hair and protective styling pieces (wigs, weaves…etc) This product is super thick! I love the slip and it definitely feels like a spa on your scalp!

I love love love products that are often on sale and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is ALWAYS on sale when I need to make a purchase. You can find this product in just about every drug store known to man and its usually no more than $3-4.00 dollars. I usually luck out and find a buy one get one free deal and buy them two at a time for under 5 bucks!! This product smells like heaven! Though I dont think its a phenomenal cleansing conditioner for a co wash it is a great conditioner used after a shampoo or used for a mid week re-moisture session!



This was the first conditioner I used during my transition back to natural and the price is definitely right! Aussie’s Moist 3 Minute Miracle  can also be found in most drug stores I usually have better luck getting it online at Amazon or at Walmart for about 3 bucks for the 8oz size. The bigger size costs about 4 and change and is definitely worth the deal for the larger size. This conditioner is moisture rich and I’ve also mixed it into my deep conditioning concoctions.

Let me know what conditioners you’ve added to your wash day regimen that are budget friendly?

FTC: This post is not sponsored however does contain affiliate links that I receive a small commission for. My thoughts and opinions are my own!