Don’t worry ladies (I’m sure you weren’t worried at all) I’m still promoting the natural hair movement on a budget heavy! Below I’ve listed 10 Conditioners that can be used to co wash your tresses ALL for under 10 bucks! I’m not too big on shampooing my hair since I follow an adapted version of the Curly girl Method. I tend to look into conditioners very often and while researching to write up the products that may break the bank article  I almost had several heart attacks when price checking certain items. This led to this crucial post below! Here are 10 conditioners that have met rave reviews (by me and others as well) and wont cost you too much money. I’ve personally tried 8 out of the 10 conditioners on the list (I’m a recovering product junkie forgive me)

10 CoWashing Conditioners Under 10 Bucks

product-coconut-cowash1. As I Am CoConut Co Wash– Usually runs about 7-10 bucks depending on the drug store of choice (I usually make my purchases for this product at Walgreens) and most times there is some sort of BOGO sale going on so you get more bang for your buck. I do find that I run through this product quickly (I guess I have a heavy hand) and only get two-three good uses out of it on wash days.

Trader-Joes-Tea-Tree-Tingle-Conditioner2. Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner- This was the first conditioner I fell in love with as a natural in transition and it is still a part of my natural hair journey to this day. It offers a tingly feeling after rinsed out and for 4 bucks at Trader Joes you can’t help but want to stock up on this product. I currently have two brand new bottles unopened in my bathroom and they will probably last me for the next year at the pace I’m going!

traderjoecondish3. Trader Joes Spa Nourish Conditioner This conditioner has great slip and will cost you about 3 dollars at Trader Joes. Unfortunately Trader Joes did just recently change the formula for the conditioner earlier in the year and that had many people very angry. I mostly use this conditioner to co wash my extensions before I use them as a protective style so the change in formula hasn’t greatly affected my opinions/views on it.

tres nat pic4. Tresemme Naturals My all time favorite conditioner right now and for the past year!  And can we talk about the amazing smell for a moment! This is the first conditioner that I can say as a natural I have consistently used in my regimen and PANIC when I am running low. I have been using it as my go to co wash on wash days (which has put the Tea Tree Tingle on pause for a little bit) and stock up when I go to Walmart or BJ’s as they have the best value (5.00 dollars for the 32oz) as opposed to the drug stores that have it about 6-8 dollars for the 16oz bottle! So you know I had to buy two !

www-curlsandmo-com-ebw-cowash5.  Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Co Wash I haven’t had the opportunity to throw this product into my regimen routine (mostly because of my obsession with Tressemme Naturals right now) but the ingredients and the reviews all point towards the positive. This Co wash will cost you around 9 dollars at most drug stores as well as Target. You can also frequently catch this product on sale Keep you eyes out for Black Friday sales!

SM-co-wash6. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co Wash: This is the naturals go to when the start their transition into natural, which is what I initially thought to do. When I had a few bad experiences with the Coconut & Hibiscus stylers (the soufflé and smoothie) I was put off to the pink line greatly. ( I must be the only natural in the world that didn’t get along with those two products in that line) However I received the Coconut and Hibiscus Co wash & decided to add it as an ingredient to my spritz bottle for mid week remoisturization. I must say I haven’t turned back since! This product will cost you 10 bucks in most stores (Target, Walgreens…etc) but I highly recommend waiting for the BOGO sales that happen very often!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.46.38 PM7. Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Conditioner: This will cost you from 7-10 dollars depending on where you buy it (I suggest buying online for the best deals) and many naturals who love protein or glycerin based products rave about the Aubrey Organics line. I haven’t had the chance to use this conditioner yet (though its been sitting in my bathroom for almost a year) but I plan on adding it to my winter regimen (if it works well for me) because of the added glycerin that my hair will need for the winter months.

herbal-essences-hello-hydration-conditioner8. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration At five dollars Herbal Essences really out did themselves with this conditioner. The smell alone was enough to make me purchase. While it isn’t curly girl friendly like the previous 7 I prefer to use this as a regular rinse out conditioner therefore it doesn’t bother me too much.

aor-038_1z9. OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner– This product will run you about 7 dollars (tho I highly recommend buying at Bj’s where you get the larger bottle for the same price). I must admit I’ve only used this conditioner once as a co wash quite a long time ago and while it has an amazing consistency and slip I wasn’t blown away. Because it is so similarly connected and related to Tresseme Naturals I think I set my hopes too high.

71ry-gd2KIL._SX522_10. Aussie Moist Conditioner : Aussie will cost you about 5 dollars as well and is another conditioner I prefer to use as a rinse out conditioner. I believe that their repair products in the moist line are their best bets in the conditioner realm. The three minute miracle works miracles just as the name would imply!

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your thoughts? Do you think any product is missing from the list if so what are they?

FTC: This post is not sponsored however does contain affiliate links that pay me a small commission. My thoughts and opinions are my own!

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3 Responses to 10 CoWashing Conditioners Under 10 bucks

  1. I’ve been using Pantene Gold shampoo and leave in conditioner. Have you ever used it? Is it good for my hair? Do I need to use something else?

  2. Hi, i love your blog. You have shed light so many hair issues i had. My kids natural hair love Aussie moist conditioner. Do you think it’s safe to use on their hair?

  3. I tried the hello hydration and it works for my fine natural hair. The Aussie 3x deep conditioner and my hair feels soft and easy to detangle.