Type 4 Hair is often under represented or deemed as difficult in the natural hair community but that just doesn’t have to be the case. As a person who has and loves type 4 hair I decided to share the best detangling methods & products for type 4 hair.

Best Detangling Methods & Products For Type 4 Hair

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Detangling Methods

Dry Detangling

The dry detangling method works best for type four hair  (it is the method I use initially on wash day during my pre-poo) if your hair is the type that tangles very easily. To dry detangle (your hair must be dry first obviously) you choose an oil of your choice (some of the best oils for natural hair listed here for you to choose from), a conditioner, or your own DIY oil conditioner mix (which I prefer the most). You then proceed to apply your oil, conditioner, or mix onto your tresses and proceed to detangle carefully and gently before you begin the cleansing process. This is my “Pre Poo” step in my wash day. Dry detangling works best for me because dry detangling gives you more control which ultimately means less breakage. You also prevent dryness, and matting because you are adding moisture as you detangle.

Wet Detangling

Wet Detangling is usually done after cleansing has occurred (usually done n the shower). You wet detangle when your hair is already wet/moisturized from use of a moisturizing conditioner with great slip. Most naturals love wet detangling because your hair is easier to detangle since it is in an elastic state. Which means you can get the detangling done a lot faster.

The choice between the two is yours but I like a healthy mix of both. I dry detangle for my pre-poo and wet detangle after I’ve applied my deep conditioner and before I apply my shower cap.

What do you products or methods do you use to help make your detangling sessions easier? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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