Can you believe this is my first wig review in almost 2 years of TNT history and 3 years of my natural hair journey? Odd I know … but there’s always a first time for everything so here we go with a full honest  & fair review/style of the Fingercomber Honeycomber Wig Unit.

*Disclaimer* I purchased this unit with my own money, it was not given so this is not a sponsored post. These are my honest opinions!

With that out of the way let’s get into the meat and bones of this unit. The “Honeycomber” unit from is a full cap wig that is marketed on their website with the following images:

With those images who could resist jumping to make the purchase when it appears to resemble the natural hair textured wigs that are on the market now for well over 300+ dollars. With this synthetic wig coming in at 88.00 + shipping and the popularity of their Havana hair for other protective styles such as havana twists  I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. I didn’t do any research which was my mistake, but after purchasing and receiving the shipping information (no customer service issues during my order as have been reported by other bloggers previously) I took to Youtube to see if there were any reviews and I was bombarded with tons of negativity. I instantly became nervous and angry with myself for not doing my research first.

Fast forward to about a week later and I received my package. I was really nervous to open it but knew at that point what I should be expecting… and that is exactly what I received. The Honeycomber unit comes very small/defined (not a big issue for me) and the dreaded GAP that many reviewers were complaining about. Fingercomber has yet to release any statements on whether or not this is a manufacturing issue or whether they will be addressing this issue in the near future. I’m the type of naturalista that once I spend my money and I know it is SPENT I try to make the best of the situation which I did. The Honeycomber wig unit is not all bad. For 88 bucks it does have a few more issues than I would like it to in comparison to other synthetic beauty supply store units. I have gotten some good wears out of the unit, but I don’t believe it is a go to unit that should be worn religiously every day (save that for the more expensive human hair units). So here is my over all quick/brief overview of the unit:

Honeycomber Wig Review


  • Can be refreshed with perm rods when the curl pattern gets too loose
  • Quick turn around time with processing, shipping & delivery (in my case… though I’ve heard it has been different with other customers)
  • When styled/worn right blends and matches many/several natural hair textures


  • Weird spacing/gap down the middle
  • Must do some work to make it a bit more wearable (can’t just grab and go… you may end up looking a little crazy)
  • Shininess that makes it difficult to blend with some textures (can be washed a few times to alleviate that issue)
  • Straight random pieces at the crown of the unit
  • At 88.00 dollars the synthetic unit has a few too many manufacturing issues to cost so much more than the average beauty supply store synthetic unit.

Overall I give the Honeycomber Wig Unit a 6/10. It is NOT a bad unit, but I do think that Fingercomber has to make a few tweaks in order to make this unit a full fledged amazing go to protective style. You can find a more detailed review in the video below (also on our Youtube channel) + I show you how to blend/style and refresh the unit to get some longevity out of it. *Warning: I don’t know how much longevity you can get out of the synthetic unit but for 88 bucks I’m going to try and push for at least 365 days of on and off again wear!* Wish me luck! & Don’t forget to subscribe! DSCN3023 DSC05222 DSC05220 Loved this review? Sign up for our mailing list here and never miss out on another review or post again!

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One Response to FingerComber Honeycomber Wig Review

  1. Thank you for your post. I have been going back n forth for a while about purchasing a unit from and your review has helped me. I don’t see any indication that the company has attempted to correct the issue with this particular unit so my decision has been made. Bummer!!! The pics on the site are too cute. Great job with your unit, still looks good1