Many of you lovelies have been asking for more clarification on the particulars of  Hairfinity since my previously discussed posts, which were deemed a bit confusing. (I know I know you can’t please everyone) Well here at TNT I aim to attempt to please. So let’s dive in to the information and specifics of Hairfinity pills so that you can make a full decision on whether or not these pills are for you.

I have never personally taken Hairfinity before. Which is super shocking since it was and still is the leading dietary supplement in the industry. Yet I oddly decided to go to the GNC Biotin brand and had a terrible terrible terrible reaction to the biotin that made me terrified to try hair vitamins ever again. To top it off with my skin issues, I started having issues with my hair. Then I got the itch again and wanted to see what all the hoopla was about and try and give it a second shot. This time I did my research and wanted to make it possible for you do the same in one stop shop! (much easier than searching all over the place)

Many people still can’t decide or separate one pill from another so lets take a closer look at Hairfinity from the inside out.




The specific ingredients in these vitamins are put together to nourish your hair from the INSIDE out to promote faster growing hair that is longer, thicker, stronger, and more vibrant. Hairfinity wants to make sure you have nothing but good hair days in your near future which is not only beneficial but helps boost and build your confidence. Yes it does have a large amount of biotin that promotes healthy hair growth, but it also consists of key vitamins such as A,C, & D that contain antioxidants that produce healthy sebum, maintain hair & skin health, as well as prevent hair shedding.

MSM is also a key player in these vitamins that creates healthy collagen and keratin (proteins needed to grow health hair). While these can be found in other hair formulated pills, Hairfinity has an exclusive proprietary blend that has a unique amount of Hydrolyzed Collagen, Silica and 18 amino acids.


HOW DOES IT WORK: You take two pills a day (it seems as though the pills may be a little big so if you have issues swallowing pills you may have to put them in your smoothie) to help give your hair a boost! I suggest increasing your intake of water when giving these a try to avoid any skin issues (break outs…etc) Overall Hairfinity states (as well as myself)… if you want faster healthier growing hair Hairfinity is a great SUPPLEMENT that must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle (eating right, drinking water…etc) in order to see the best results. The pills cost you about 25.00 a month (you pay less if you order in larger amounts).

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*disclaimer: I am a Niche Parent Network & Conference Influencer. Thanks to Hairfinity for sponsoring today’s post.