Before I begin I just want to start off by saying that I have NEVER tried either product and am speaking strictly from an intrigued yet informed blogger standpoint. As some of you may know I took and had a terrible experience with GNC’s “Be Beautiful” Biotin supplements for hair, skin, and nails last year. So since then I’ve steered clear of biotin or any other miracle grow product that promises to promote rapid hair growth. Fast forward a year and here I am at an impasse yet again dealing with slight frustration with my hair. So this time instead of diving into anything I decided to do some research and kept running into two popular hair growth pills that are very popular not only in the natural hair community, but in the female community period. These two pill companies are : the very well known and popular “Hairfinity” created by Tymeka Lawrence, and “Manetabolism” by Courtney Adeleye also known as CourtneyNaturalHair. With both products costing approximately the same to purchase varying supplies (30 days comes in at about 24.00) Sometimes you can catch discounts and coupon codes for free shipping or specific percentages off. So when it comes to price both are pretty balanced so its time to move one layer deeper:

What Ingredients are in each:
Ingredient-Label_01 ingredients


Hairfinity (right/white label)                             Manetabolism (left/black label)

Both products require two pills a day and have similar ingredients in similar daily percentage values. The key ingredient that these types of pills feed off of is of course Biotin. Hairfinity contains 2500mcg of Biotin, while Manetabolism contains double that amount at 5000 mcg of Biotin.  Where both products boast about unique proprietary blends they also seem to have  a similar mix when it comes to that. Both including Silica, MSM…etc. However Manetabolism does seem to have a few more ingredients up their sleeve when it comes to their blend and include slightly more at 1050 compared to Hairfinity’s 970. But please be aware ladies that more is not always best. Remember that our bodies only need a certain amount of different substances within it and though a little more may seem like a valuable asset, ingesting large amounts of something that is way higher then the recommended daily dose has the ability to backfire and become toxic.

So we’ve got a similar price, and similar ingredients lets dig to a deeper level. The creator of Hairfinity researched common hair care products and put together products she felt would be beneficial and safe. She was accompanied by her husband who handles the business end of the company and have since then built and developed Hairfinity into an international business that serves many people and has a large celebrity clientale. These celebrities include Toya Wright, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Porsha Stewart, and most recently Kim Kardashian. The creator of Manetabolism on the other hand is still in the small business phase but is quickly making gains and expanding. She began as an entrepreneur with a science degree and researched with her husband who is a doctor. Through her scientific research and experiments Courtney also found a healthy safe blend for rapid hair growth. Manetabolism doesn’t currently have as many celebrity endorsers but has a large following on social media and is endorsed by Teyanna Taylor.

Final Thoughts: Both companies claim to work from the inside out promoting internal health before external growth. Word to the wise ladies before you jump into taking anything you should also do your own research and tread lightly to avoid any damaging effects. In order to have true success with either pill or company you must drink lots of water in order to prevent the number one side effect when taking large amounts of biotin: acne. Besides upping your water intake you need to clean up your diet. Eating loads of sugar or salt is only going to make it a higher hill for the pill to climb in order for you to see true rapid growth if you see any at all.  I haven’t made my final decision as to whether I will try to jump back on the band wagon with either company however, an informed choice is the wisest choice and always keep your health as a priority. Hair will grow if you are patient and treat it well, just don’t cause one problem trying to cure what you think is another problem.



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4 Responses to Hairfinity Vs. Manetabolism: What is the difference? @TheManeChoice @Hairfinity

  1. On YouTube, many women have stated shedding of the hair using “Mane Choice”. However, one lady stated that the shedding didn’t occur until AFTER she stopped using the product.

  2. I’ve used both products for results and each works, but manetabolism works much faster. Hairfinity helps with clearer skin as well so I’ve read but I had more breakouts.

  3. I used Manetabolism & it worked extremely fast for me. No shedding or anything, however I also keep my hair braided or weaved as well so the protective styles probably have a role in the growth as well