A new brand of natural hair extensions: “Her Given Hair” has emerged on the scene and I have gotten my hands on them. I didn’t want to go the regular sew in route I usually take when trying out a new line of extensions, mostly because I’m over sew in weaves for right now (specifically I’m over the take down process). So instead I decided I would give these extensions a spin by making my very own u-part wig (which was an experience in itself that I will share later).


Initial Thoughts On Her Given Hair Extensions

IMG_0435When I initially received the Her Given Hair shipment I opened up the package to find a cute box with the company’s logo. I am a sucker for great packaging and I think it is important to make sure your packaging looks good. So they get an A for their efforts in packaging. Moving further into the package I received two bundles (16/18inches ) of their Coily textured hair. This hair best matches 3c-4a hair types. They also contain two other textures Curly (3b/3c hair type) and Kinky (4b/4c hair type). The coily texture was extremely soft with a slight medium sheen/lustre. With a few co washes this lustre would be able to more closely match the natural lustre of freshly washed hair with a bit of oil used to seal/moisturize.

unnamed-5  The curl pattern of the hair is a bit looser than my curl pattern however the construction of the texture (the tight curls) was spot on with the curl patterns I have on my head. Especially the front of my hair which has a looser curl pattern which worked out great since it would be exposed in the U-Part wig.

unnamed-4Pros Of “Her Given Hair” Extensions

  • This hair had little to no shedding after two bouts of bleaching it. The first box dye didn’t alter the hair color very much, at least not in the way that I wanted it to. So after two dye sessions the hair wasn’t shedding, felt soft/moisturized still, and held the curl pattern.
  • The curl pattern is easy to blend with natural hair. The sheen/shine comes right out after the first co wash therefore losing that weird “fake” shine wigs tend to have. This hair blends with the natural lustre of natural hair textures.
  • Does not easily get tangled. It does have the natural nape hair tangling that can occur with natural or curly hair however you wont get the bird’s nest look that can often occur with cheaper quality hair or beauty supply store hair.
  • Hair can be easily styled and manipulated. You can transform this hair into just about any natural hair look you desire. I went the color and big route, but you can tame it with a twist out, flexi rod or perm rod set as well.

unnamed-1Cons Of Her Given Hair Extensions

  • I used two bundles of hair to make the u-part wig and it could have been my error in calculation but I do believe that the two bundles isn’t as dense as I’m used to when installing two bundles of hair. A full head install may require 2.5 – 3 bundles of hair vs. the normal two.


unnamed-2Overall initial thoughts:

I like the look of the c urls especially when combed out and big. I’m a fan of big hair and I am able to achieve that look with this particular hair texture while still being able to switch back into a more conservative look with a twist out. I’ve only been using this hair for a few days since I removed my faux locs this passed weekend so I can’t speak on the hair long term. I do believe that with proper hair care this hair has the potential to last for a year or more. I will be giving a 6 month/1 year update on this particular unit after several different styles and hair care routines.

Initial Thoughts-2

I’ll be doing a live Periscope review showing you the ins and outs of the hair on Thursday July 30th, at 7:30pm EST! You can follow us on Periscope and catch morning motivation, giveaways, exclusive reviews and more! (Periscope handle: @TrialsNTresses)

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*disclaimer: I received this hair for free to review and did receive compensation to write this post. However this does not change my honest open thoughts on the product mentioned above*

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