So it is about that time for me to reveal my thoughts, but most importantly my results of using Mielle Organics hair vitamins for the past 30 days. At the beginning of the month I shared my thoughts/opinions overall on hair vitamins and why I was so fearful going into this journey again. I am happy to report that my fears have been diminished as I thankfully do not have a horror story this time around.

Before I discuss the results I want to give a bit of background info to give a fair and honest opinion. My hair tends to grow about 1/2 inch to an inch (if it is a really really good month) a month. Obviously I don’t retain 6-12 inches of hair a year because of minor set backs, damage, or necessary trims.

mielle organics hair vitamins


The photo above was my hair growth during my transition period, to my big chop. My hair grew rapidly during those times. Now that it is mostly back to a 1/2 inch for the most part I was thoroughly  interested to see if Mielle Organics hair vitamins were worth the hype. I’m happy to report… YES they were! And here’s why:

April 1st                       May 1st

Photo Apr 30, 9 15 20 PM

Photo Apr 29, 10 27 23 PM

The sides and back of my hair seemed to flourish the most while taking the 30 day supply of Mielle Organics Hair Vitamins (which will run you about 20 bucks). I didn’t measure in inches but if I had to guess I’d say I got about an inch maybe a little less.

With the top and front of my hair I didn’t notice a big change in length at all, but I did have to dust my ends  (they were looking super raggedy so they had to go) which means I was able to pretty much grow it back to the same length it was at the beginning of the month.

Photo Apr 08, 8 46 13 AMPhoto Apr 29, 7 10 30 PM










Photo Apr 08, 8 45 43 AM  Photo Apr 29, 10 24 38 PM










FINAL THOUGHTS: For about 20 bucks a bottle you get a full 30 day (2 pills a day) supply of Mielle Organics Hair Vitamins (you can use code: TRESSES at checkout for a discount). These pills did increase my hair growth and I could tell because I was shaving alot more often, and my eyebrows grew in full force. Thats the thing with hair vitamins yo can’t control where exactly the hair will grow the most, you just hope and pray it is the hair on your head.

I have issues with the nape/back area of my hair as well as my edges. They are just normally thin and always have been which is why I never braid/twist them when protective styling to prevent damage. What I noticed with these pills is a definite quick regrowth/thickening of these areas in particular. My favorite part about taking these pills was the dramatic decrease in shedding!! This is a sure fire way to help increase length retention. I do recommend these hair vitamins because they didn’t cause any type of break outs for me, and did what they claimed they would do. They are a bit big so if you have difficulty swallowing pills I suggest crushing them up and putting them in a smoothie.

As always you want to eat clean/healthy for the most part to help boost the supplement so that it can do its job properly. You also want to drink loads of water (I drink at least 3oz a day) as always when taking large amounts of Biotin. Most importantly dont take these pills on an empty stomach you’ll feel weird… I took mine in the morning right before breakfast. I am considering taking these pills for a bit longer to see if the results continue for the upcoming months, and I will certainly keep you posted. To get your hands on your order of Mielle Organics Hair Vitamins you can click here and use coupon code: TRESSES for a discount!

Has anyone tried Mielle Organics vitamins before and had success? Share your thoughts/story below!

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*disclaimer: I received this product to review as an brand ambassador and this no way in any shape or form alters my honest opinion about the product*

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