Natural hair products can most certainly be extremely over priced and cost and arm and a leg. So when is it the right time to spend your hard earned cash on a hair product. Below we break down when you should save and when it is okay to splurge on a natural hair product (for the inner product junkie in you!).

Cleanser: It is important/vital to cleanse your hair properly to remove build up and keep your scalp clean. This is a part in the hair regimen that is crucial ! However I don’t use shampoo… which is known as the “ultimate cleanser”. Instead I use bentonite clay and ACV to cleanse my hair once a month. So I don’t truly believe that a cleanser should break the bank. However I do believe that if you are using shampoo, or using conventional “no poo” cleansers that you should invest in quality products.

Shea Moisture
African Black Soap Deep Cleanser

If you are looking for an effective cleanser with no sulfates or parabens your best bet would be to go with Shea Moisture. At still a decent cost (and always on sale at some drug store) you can get your hand on a cost effective and hair effective shampoo.


devacurl-low-poo-cleanser-416x416Deva Curl
Low Poo Mild Lather Cleanser (19.95)

Deva Curl is  not always very cost effective but their products are quality products that get the job done. What I like about this particular cleanser is that it is a shampoo but offers less suds, no sulfates or other harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to our natural hair.

Honorable mentions: TGIN Sulfate Free Shampoo, Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo


Co-Wash: I love co-washing my hair and I love experimenting with different co washes that have various ingredients. Again ingredients are key in your hair care regimen and better ingredients tend to have a heftier price tag. Do I think a co-wash should break the bank then? HECK NO! (I’m pretty frugal if you haven’t figured out). I’ve fallen in love with some awesome co-washes that don’t depress me when I look at my receipt as I walk out the door.

Unknown      As I Am
Coconut Cowash  (7.99)

This is definetly one of my favorite co washes and I’ve been rocking out with it for the past two years. Readily available in most drug stores and at some Targets you get the Wen experience without the Wen price tag when you choose to go the As I Am route.                                    s1444934-main-zoom



Sweet Almond Mint (29.95)

I had a pretty decent experience the first time I tried Wen but my pockets just couldn’t maintain  the lifestyle. If you order Wen frequently enough it does start to pay for itself, but I was protective staying too much to reap the benefits of the cost to purchase ratio.  

Honorable Mentions:  Mielle Organics Honey Dew Berry Cleansing Conditioner, Cantu Conditioning Co Wash.

Deep Conditioner: I’m ALL about splurging on a deep conditioner (if you’re looking for a new one this summer I’ve got you covered here) because I know the importance and value in a good deep condition on wash day can really set you up for a great hair week! So while I’ll of course share my splurge vs save deals… I say if you aren’t making your own deep conditioner (DIY is always the best method) then you should spend the little bit of extra coin and purchase a quality deep conditioner

3 Minute Miracle Moist  (3.99)

I was so happy to randomly stumble upon this jewel of a find. This is a definite steal, especially since Aussie is curly girl friendly and I am trying to get my curly girl life together product wise. For four bucks you get loads of moisture jam packed into your deep conditioning session and you can find this little piece of heaven in most drug stores.




Mielle Organics 

Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner (14.99)

This has got to be one of my favorite deep conditioners hands down. After using this treatment for about three months it is my go to when my hair is feeling dry and needs special attention. The mix of oils and mint have my scalp feeling like heaven. If you’re looking to purchase this particular deep conditioner you can use coupon code: TRESSES at checkout for a discount.

Honorable Mentions:  Shea Moisture JBCO Hair Masque, TGIN Honey Miracle Mask

Rinse Out Conditioner: Uhh… SAVE all theeee way! I never ever ever spend more than 6 bucks on a rinse out conditioner because the truth of the matter is as a naturalista we use so much conditioner, and most are made of the same ingredients that we really can afford to skimp and save every penny on a rinse out conditioner. So I won’t even waste your time with a spend option!


Tresseme Naturals
(5.00)                                                        vs.                                                                   Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner





Honorable Mentions: Trader Joes Spa Nourish Conditioner, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

Leave In Conditioner: Again… just like in deep conditioning I believe a good leave in conditioner can dictate your hair week if used properly (LOC Method all the way!). So I tend to go for pricier (not too pricy… trust me Sallie Mae would not allow for that) leave in conditioners with better/less products and very few if any chemicals. Here are my selections for a save vs. splurge buy.

Splurge vs. Save

Peony_Leave_in_-_ver2_grandeMielle Organics 
Organic White Peony Leave In (15.99)

This is a new leave in conditioner I’ve added to my regimen because of the new ingredients (white peony) that I never heard of before and was excited to see how my hair would react to the presence of different ingredients serving as a moisturizing leave in conditioner.



Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner (4.99)

This was my first leave in conditioner while I was transiting to natural and though I don’t give it much play time in my hair lately I always keep it handy as a back up I know would be effective in my hair care regimen.

Honorable Mention: TGIN Green Tea Leave In, Hydratherma Naturals Protein Leave In, Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in


Stylers: This can be tricky… you don’t want to put just anything bad in your hair but for the most part alot of these natural hair brands are using the same ingredients and repackaging similar products to the masses. Many things are going to include shea butter, oils, …etc so it depends on what you are comfortable spending and what you decide to put/not put in your hair. You can save and splurge from time to time depending on what your wallet is looking like. Here are a few styling save vs. splurge ideas

                     Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.52.20 PM

Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer (15.99)

I fell in love with this product instantly and I haven’t turned back since. This does say “daily” but you most certainly wont need to use this daily. I’m able to get 3-5 day hair with one to two applications of this when I’m doing twist outs or other styling options. The ingredients are grade A and I don’t mind paying the extra little coin for guaranteed good hair days!

Coconut Curling Cream (7.99)

Again Cantu was my go to natural hair product as I was transiting to natural and it never let me down. Though I haven’t used this product in a very very very long time (almost 2 years) I can vouch for how well it worked and treated my tresses when I was going through that awkward and frustrating  transition period.

Honorable Mention:  Wondercurl Butter Than love Pudding, Hydratherma Daily Growth Lotion


Oils: SPEND SPEND SPEND! You don’t want to put junk in your hair period and the better/higher quality the oil is the more expensive it is going to be. You can cut small corners by buying in bulk or go on Amazon if you so choose but always go for the cold pressed, organic, extra virgin version of the oil of your choice to make sure you are putting the highest/best quality oil in your hair to reap all of the benefits!

Gels: I’m not a huge fan or user of gel so I definitely think you need to save in this aspect but with extreme caution. Cheap gels can cause flaking or dryness and can have harmful drying ingredients. Always do your due diligence and read what is in the container.


Eco Styler Gel (3.99)

This is like the original natural hair styling gel. It was the first gel I used that didn’t cause flaking or dryness so I as instantly hooked. What made it the best was the price and availability! Wherever you turn you’re sure to find you some Eco Styler Gel for well under 10 bucks!


wonder_curl--get_set_hair_jelly_8ozWonder Curl Get Set Jelly (15.00)

I recently started dabbling in to the world of Wonder Curl and I must say I am surprised that I was able to include a gel into my hair care regimen for more than just slicking down edges or creating slicked down puffs. Get Set Jelly you can use by itself or along with other stylers to get a defined yet soft outcome!



What do you spend/splurge on in your natural hair regimen? Share your thoughts/answers below!

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6 Responses to Save vs. Splurge: Best Products For A Natural Hair Product Junkie

  1. Thanks for this post. I found it very helpful. Some of these products I’m familiar with & your comments on them were spot on, while others I have not tried so your experience with them helps me decide whether or not to use them.

  2. Great post!! Wen (hair crack) is totally worth the subscription price if you’re a wash & go kinda girl… great for everyday and when i need to break out the heat, my hair is shiny and bouncy. HOWEVER, Wen doesn’t work on all hair types so “borrow ” some from a friend before you splurge.

  3. I love this blog post so much! Thank you! As someone with fine, porous, and also color-treated (but sort of thick) boringwhitegirl hair, I really need good info, and it’s hard to find. Thanks!