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On another episode of the affordable wig series, I introduce you to a new lace front beauty: Neesha By Outre Hair. This hair is the BOMB.com. It is also almost impossible to find (notice I said almost). So let me give you the deets  I know you’re dying to find out about!

Neesha Wig Info:

IMG_0005The Neesha wig is a lace front wig (you’re going to have to cut the lace in the front) with an “L Shaped” part. What that means is you can wear the wig down the middle, to the left, or to the right. I love a wig that offers versatility and this is exactly what Neesha does. The construction of the cap has a comb in the front, and a comb in the back to help keep it securely in place. It also has straps on the inside to adjust to your head size comfortably. I am a proud member of the huge head committee so I don’t need to adjust the straps at all, and it fits perfectly snug. This hair is about 22 inches long and comes in just about every color you can imagine. I have two (I had to scoop up more than one when I found it) one in a natural brown color 2, and another in a lighter more playful 4/30 blend.


The texture of the hair mimics blow dried natural hair with a nice medium luster. It doesn’t give off that shiny barbie doll hair thing that a lot of synthetic wigs have. These fibers are amazing and look like real natural hair. I guarantee no one will be able to tell that this hair isn’t yours. The parting space is decent, I haven’t had to pluck the part but I did add pressed powder and concealer to help blend the part with my scalp. The package does say that you can add heat to this wig up to 400 degrees. Therefore if you want to tame it a bit or add some extra curls you can use your curling iron or flat iron.


If you want to get your hands on this wig I share the deets in the video below on the only place online that has it available! And don’t be afraid to like, share and subscribe we’ve got so much more in store for you!

Affordable Wig Series: Meet Neesha By Outre Hair

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