I got my hands on Kurly Klips clip in extensions over a year ago and I thought it was just about time to give you an update/review on how the Kurly Klips are holding up. I received these clip in extensions last March for review. Since then I’ve fallen head over heels for these extensions and I’m contemplating ordering a new pair. Here is the link for my first initial video/review of this hair (I apologize for the smacking in advance it was one of my earlier videos) And below are the details, thoughts and photos of my Kurly Klips clip in extensions.

One Year Kurly Klips Update

IMG_8343 IMG_8362

These photos were taken in the first initial months I had the Kurly Klips.  I was still struggling with blending  so I wore my hair in similar styles. What I really loved about the Kurly Klips was how effortless it was to take care of them in the initial months and how beautiful/natural they appeared. No one knew where my hair began/ended.

I started to have more fun with the Kurly Klips clip ins in the summer time when I removed my box braids. The photos below were during my conquests of having very little leave out and creating more shapes/sized with the clip ins. I have two packs of their medium length kinkiest texture installed. My hair underneath is flat twisted down and clipping the clip ins into place took me no more than 10 minutes. I show other various styles I achieved with my Kurly Klips clip ins in a styling video here. 










As time went on I started styling my Kurly Klips in any which way just as I would if it were a sew in weave. I played around with up dos, braids, no leave out, side parts, middle parts…etc. The possibilities were endless and the blending issues had all but disappeared. The photos below were taken In May and June of 2015 a little over a year since I initially received them. I receive compliments on this hair every time I wear it, but what I love about it the most is I can take care of it just as I would take care of my natural hair without the extra hassle.

DSCN4180 DSCN4132


*Blends effortlessly & looks extremely natural. No one will be able to tell the difference between your hair and the clip in extensions. You will also receive loads of compliments!

*Quick & easy to install/ take down. You won’t have to worry about hours of install and take down like other protective styles.

*Not damaging to your real hair. The clips if installed properly will not cause any damage or tension on the hair.

*Numerous styling possibilities. You can get a quick look at how you will look with this amount of hair before you’ve reached that level. You can also color and straighten this hair so you wont damage your own hair but still can play around with so many different looks/styles.


IMG_2808Cons Of Kurly Klips

*It is almost exactly like your own natural hair so you can not set and forget it. This hair requires maintenance. You will have to co wash it, moisturize, detangle…etc in order for it to last you a while

*If not properly taken care of the hair can be a hassle. It will shed and get tangled. The hair is sewn on well… but after a long period of time it will become more difficult to bring it back to life.

*You can not sleep with it! I don’t know if this is a real con but for me sometimes when I’m being lazy it can be a bit annoying having to take the clips down when I know I’ll be putting them back in the next day.

I highly recommend if you are in the market for a quick protective styling option that will last you quite some time to look into purchasing Kurly Klips clip in extensions. What have been your experiences with clip in extensions in the past?

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