I recently became a beauty insider for the hair company Haute Kinky Hair that offers hair for women with natural hair in varying textures from 3c-4c. Haute Kinky Hair recently launched a wig line and clip ins in their various textures. They also have wefted hair for sew in weaves, or creation of wigs and clip ins of your own. I received two bundles in 16″ & 18″ from their “Haute Kinks” collection that most mimics 4b-4c hair texture.

image-3Initial Response: I initially had the hair installed (in late August) as a partial sew in for the Trials N’ Tresses End of Summer Bash. I left the perimeter of my hair out so that I would have some versatility for styling and also be able to put my hair in a high ponytail, bun, or pineapple. Let me just start of by saying I had very little experience with very textured hair extensions and went 0-100 REAL quick! This is a whole lotta hair so if you are considering purchasing more than two bundles you will certainly be in over your head (no pun intended) as two bundles is more than enough. The hair was super soft but posed some minor blending issues for me. As most naturals my hair has a bunch of different textures and it just so happens that my leave out area possesses a lesser coiled texture which posed a bit of a problem. Nothing a good picked out day two twist out couldn’t fix. I wore the hair to the event and received tons of compliments.


Photo on 8-26-14 at 5.18 PMMoving Forward As the weeks continued I started to realize more and more why the hair was labeled as “high maintenance” on their website. The Haute Kinks collection required a load of maintenance which means it requires a bit more time than you may be used to giving your own hair on a weekly basis. I co-washed this hair prior to installation, and co-washed it at week three of installation to rid my scalp and leave out of product, as well as to refresh the hair. That my friends… was a GIANT disaster. I know I wasn’t mentally prepared for the increase in the amount of time it would take me to have my hair look a certain way before heading out to work. And with the beginning of school/work that high maintenance couldn’t fit into my daily routine.

Photo Aug 29, 6 32 29 PM

Final Thoughts With a mix of lack of time, and lack of knowledge I had several bad moments of frustration with the hair. Because my schedule didn’t allow the flexibility of managing the hair appropriately I also only kept it in for three weeks (which is fine because you shouldn’t wear any protective style for more than approximately 6 weeks so I was at the half way point). I didn’t get to do the many different styles that I wanted to, I mostly kept this hair out in a giant fro style or some sort of twist out… and never got to do a bun. So here’s my final weigh in on the hair:





Photo Sep 09, 8 53 44 AMPROS: The quality of the hair is very good and has the ability blend with naturally textured hair seamlessly giving the appearance of the hair being yours. Which means loads and loads of compliments ladies… they were non stop! Because of the good quality it also means the hair can be re-used after it has been taken down. (so you can get more bang for your buck) It gives your hair a break for a while while still giving you a natural look. The hair is also big and thick enough for you to not have any leave out left (I left my leave out braided up for most of the time and hid it under the hair) Once I got the twist out method down pact I was able to get a bigger/stretched look. This hair mimics natural hair down to the T so shrinkage is still prevalent!

Photo Aug 30, 12 28 20 PM

CONS Way too high maintenance for me! Every aspect of the hair required way more work than my real hair required from wash day, detangling, twist outs… all were a very excruciating process. Most of the time I felt that I was pulling on the hair which was causing way too much tension on my real hair and that scared the crap out of me. The detangling process was an absolute nightmare and towards the end of the 3 week run the hair unfortunately started to become very matted/tangled and was shedding like crazy. This hair requires alot of water maintenance as opposed to product maintenance so loading it with more and more product just makes it more tangled and brittle. But I, unfortunately dont have the time or luxury to walk around with a wet/damp head all the time or walk around spritzing my hair on the go.

Overall I genuinely enjoyed the overall look of the hair in its prime. The thick full afro look is not something I’ve been able to achieve with my real hair yet so I was pleased with that. I also loved the stretched out look that more mimicked my leave out hair texture and made it easier to blend. In the end I don’t think I’d re-install the Haute Kinks as a sew in, it may serve better as a wig unit which I’m considering turning it into. I recommend this hair to anyone with 4b-4c texture looking to transform their look while still looking naturally. Just be ready for some adjustments in how you take care of your own hair vs the Haute Kinky hair. For people like me who prefer lesser maintenance times Haute Kinky Hair also has other textures that are a bit easier to manage.

If you are looking to purchase Haute Kinky Hair head over to their site to find the latest releases to celebrate their one year anniversary. At checkout you can use discount code MJB10 or SHAK10