I got my hands on the Q-Redew natural hair steamer a few weeks ago, and I took my time adding it into my regimen to give a full fledged honest review.

Qredewfeatured1What Is a Q-Redew:  A Q-Redew is a hand held steamer for your hair. It offers an alternative option in your regimen to reshape, rejuvenate, and moisturize your hair in its dry state without re-wetting it. It is also another option you have instead of having  to sitting under a hair steamer. You add water into a compartment of the Q-Redew and in seconds a warm steam/vapor starts to come through the head of the device, once the button is pressed. It is a completely hand operated steamer, which gives you full control of how much steam is coming out, and where it is being directed to on your head. You can find out more behind the Q-Redew and its owner by reading the write up about the CEO here.

Benefits Of Steaming Your Hair: Steaming your hair helps to lift/open the cuticle to make it easier for ingredients to enter (really helps/boosts the results of your deep conditioner). Also steaming can build the strength & elasticity of your hair, enhance your natural curl pattern,  and add moisture to your hair.

31Ft+ThbP4L._SX300_Initial Response: When I received my Q-Redew I was super excited because I had my eye on this gadget for quite some time. I’ve never had a steamer, or attempted to steam my hair even though I was well aware of all of the benefits. Shakira got her hands on a great deal/sale for the Huetiful Steamer, but I never go the chance to grab one.  I read and watched some great reviews and tutorials on the steamer, so when I opened, and first used the Q-Redew I was very curious to see what the results would be with my type 4 hair texture.  The first time I used the Q- Redew I used it to deep condition my hair. I used Shea Moisture’s 10 in Superfruit complex deep conditioner, placed my hair in two strand twists, and ran the Q-Redew steamer through my scalp, and and ends for 20 minutes. During that process I had to re-fill the container once.

When I took the two strand twists out and rinsed my hair felt extremely soft but I wasn’t sure if that was because of the steamer or the deep conditioner (it was my first time using both…) I flat twisted by hair, air dryer, and enjoyed two days of my twist out before having to re-twist. So I used my Q-redew to help soften, and detangle the hair before re-twisting.

After that point I used my Q-Redew 6-8 times for various different aspects both hair/non hair related. You can take a quick glimpse at the different ways I used my Q-Redew here! (*hint: one of them was used for skin care)!

DSC04279Final Thoughts: Overall I give the Q-Redew an 8/10. I love the feeling left behind after I’ve used the Q-Redew. My hair was left soft, and moisturized without having to re-wet my hair and re-air dry on a non wash day. Living in New York with tricky fickle weather I can appreciate that fact greatly, because I don’t want to go outside with a wet head. Being able to use the steamer for more than one specific thing in my natural hair and skin regimen is an absolute plus. Any product I can use in different ways makes me feel like it is a penny well spent. Refreshing and rejuvenating your hair can be done in minutes can be a lifesaver in a busy world, however the fact that I’m restrained to a plug in one room kind of bothers me. Especially because I like to do household chores, and move around from room to room during my wash day down time. Possibly a version of the steamer that comes battery operated (preferably chargeable, because I hate changing batteries on anything) would be more appealing for me or others like me.

You can get your hands on a Q-Redew here or you can wait to try your luck really soon here at Trials N’ Tresses! 😉 Anyone had any luck with the Q-Redew that they want to share? What do you use your Q-Redew for?