I recently ran into a new line and was super excited to be able to review their products. I was super delighted to receive a Curl Luxe box filled with some goodies to try out. Curl Luxe recently sat down with us for an interview in which the founder shed some light on where the idea for Curl Luxe came from. With the desire to fill a void in the natural hair community Curl Luxe products aim to help the under serviced type 4 hair naturalistas that are often over looked. Doesn’t mean that Curl Luxe products can’t be amazing in all hair types and textures but its nice to know that this product line caters to a more textured naturalitsta.

Curl Luxe offers different aspects in their line from cleansers, oils, hair butters…etc and are currently working on releasing some hair milks and deep conditioners. You can purchase these products in their line separately or sign up for a subscription service for 20.00 a month and choose what products go into your curl luxe box. My box came with enough products to build a simple regimen for those who are newly natural, transitioning, or just trying to get your regimen down to 5 simple products. My box included the following: three creams/butters (used for moisturizing), a cleanser, a conditioner, and a hair lotion/balm used for sealing and shine.

I took some time to rotate these products into my regimen no matter what I was doing with my hair. My favorite product by far is the Butter Cream Souffle. It gave me twist out definition I’ve ever experienced on both my natural hair and my Haute Kinky Hair.

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I paired the soufflé with the sweet almond leave in and had success on every attempt. They are a good match together and I highly recommend using them in conjunction with one another. They also smell delicious.  Unfortunately when I switched it up and attempted to use the Twist & Define Cream I was left with a large amount of film/residue on my hair. I thought maybe it was an issue with using too much product, or my hair not being clarified in a while, but even on freshly washed hair and a small amount I was still left with the residue. The hair balm operated as a standard grease to add shine when I pulled my hair back into a bun or puff. Its just heavy enough to leave the hairs laid without adding any sort of extra gel. A little goes a long way.  I didn’t get much use out of the curl parfait because the smell/texture connected to closely with the twist & define cream that I wasn’t having great luck with. I stuck mostly with the almond leave in and butter cream soufflé.

Overall I think the box is a great purchase for those who are at the beginning stages of their natural hair journey as you have a box filled with your regimen ready to go in simple steps. It is a smart investment, you get to toy around with products you may or may not like and have full control over if you get them the following month. The sample sizes are deluxe so it is enough to get 3-4 uses out of if used accordingly (dime size is dime size ladies). However if you have medium to – long hair you may want to opt out of the box and order the full size products.

My personal opinion on the box: I wouldn’t order the box unless I ordered the same few products over and over again and I’d rather order the full size.  I am however thrilled that I have these deluxe sample size products because I will be traveling and these fit right into the requirements for flying. I rate the box a 7/10 only because that Twist & Define cream really ruined it for me, but everything else was pleasantly used especially the butter cream soufflé that I will certainly be ordering once mine is finished!


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  1. ….I had just gotten through asking on BHM if anyone heard of this line. Great review!

    the curl parfait and twist and define i have are drastically different in texture, feel and performance on my hair as well as scent. I put this over oyins hair dew and get probably the BEST twist out I’ve ever had and on my deep wave curly from queens beauty I can do a wash n go and it tames the frizz. This is the only product that really keeps the bulk down on that hair actually. I’ve never gotten residue, but I do have to use a leave in under it. On the other hand the hair parfait is thick like a hair butter hair cream and has a very light scent. It’s heavy so I’m saving for when it gets colder.