If there’s one thing you need to know about me for sure is that everything I do revolves around being as frugal and budget friendly as possible. That certainly includes my hair care regimen. I am constantly on a hunt to get good deals without cutting corners or hurting the health of my hair. That is what has led me directly to protective styling on a budget!

Protective Styling On A Budget

Set Your Budget

This is a number you need to choose and stick to when setting aside your hair care budget. Some people can have a higher amount than others, but it really shouldn’t concern you what anyone on Instagram is doing. Stick to what you can afford which means including hair care products, hair care tools, protective styles and your time! Time is also a valuable asset when deciding on the process you want to take when protective styling. Once you’ve selected that number do NOT go over it no matter what the cause. We as naturalistas tend to make things into “emergencies” when they really are not. Stick to your budget and you’ll see that natural hair care isn’t as monetarily draining as you thought.

Set Your Hair Goal

After you’ve set your financial goal, you need to set your hair goal. What exactly is it that you want to achieve by protective styling. Is it length retention? Improving the health of your hair, protecting your hair from climate changes…etc. Once you’ve outlined what you are trying to accomplish and do with your hair then you can decide what types of protective styles you want to incorporate. If you are going after length retention you want to try the protective styling options that require little to no manipulation after installation. If you are more focused on protecting your hair from the climate conditions you want to make sure your protective style tucks away the ends for sure, and allows you to put a layer between your hair and the environment.

Choose Your Style

You’ve set your monetary budget, and your hair budget and now its time to select the protective style that is best for you and best fits the money you’ve set aside. If you feel trapped our out of ideas I mapped out the 5 most cost effective protective styles for you here!  This way you have options that fall in line with your needs and don’t break the bank.

Be Open

Last but certainly not least you want to be open to trying new things when it comes to protective styling. When I  first started my natural hair journey/transition I was focused on using strictly human hair sew in weaves that cost me quite a fortune. When the truth of the matter is that many synthetic wigs give the very same look and can last a little while (not as long as human hair of course) if properly taken  care of. I also started focusing more on DIY alternatives rather than spending 100s of dollars to achieve similar styles. Granted if you feel more secure going to a professional there is nothing wrong with that as I am a firm believer in the  “better safe than sorry” sentiment.  But if you cant afford professional box braids/twists and don’t feel comfortable doing them yourself be open to the other options of protective styling. The options are endless if you are open to them. I was so anti wigs especially synthetic ones but I’ve had some of my BEST “hair days” and compliments when I’ve worn wigs that cost me under 40.00 bucks! It is starting to be an absolute fave past time of mine scouting out super cute wigs that look like natural hair but at a fraction of the cost. I’ve put aside over 25 styling options for you here that fall right into my budget and hopefully fall into/under yours as well!

Below  are some of my fave hair days when I’ve been rocking synthetic wigs found here!

protective style on a budget protective styling on a budget protective styling on a budget protective styling on a budget

What are some of your favorite go to protective styles and do they meet your budget limits? Share some of your faves below!

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