Protective Styling on a budget has been my mission since I started on my natural hair community. The issues that started coming up were all monetary based of course! As styles became more popular I started looking for more ways to be cost effective which led me to scope out the 5 most effective protective styles to make my staples. As I take my own advice I started looking for synthetic wigs that didn’t look like the stereotypical barbie wigs that would be completely noticeable and unrealistic. So does that mean I have to choose between realistic and expensive? Not necessarily! Here are 4 realistic wigs under 100 dollars that will give you a bit of time and fun.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.48.41 PM1. A’Belle Synthetic Remy Feel Wig France (22.41) I first spotted this wig on Jessica Pettway (JFashionGirl87)and had to try it for myself. It shipped quickly and is way way under 100.00 bucks. You need to “rough it up” a bit to give it a realistic look but it will definitely turn heads and get you loads of compliments. I loved wearing this wig and I’m glad to have it as a part of my arsenal.

DSCN4216 DSCN4219


Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.00.25 PM2. Melody Susie Fashion Fluffy Fancy (16.88) I was on the market for a fun flirty  wig that I didn’t want to spend too much money on and just wanted to have for random on the go moments. This wig is extremely long and unbelievable as real however after I cut a few inches off of it and washed it once or twice the shine came out and the curls fell in a much more natural manner. This wig does contain a bang that can be swiped to the side but I usually partner this with a head tie or scarf to give a bohemian look.

DSC05897 DSC05898

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.00.39 PM3. Sensationnel Bump Human Hair Wig Fab Fringe (31.99): This wig is similar to the first but has a bang or “fringe” that is a bit longer than the other pixie cut cropped cut wig. Shakira has this wig in a honey blonde ombre shade and so does Joulezy. This protective style is effective when you want that short cut/style without having to actually cut your hair.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.11.04 PM4. Fingercomber Honeycomber Unit (88.00)

This unit is the big fun you want to have with curly looking natural hair without the huge prices that come with natural hair extensions. I give my full review of the Fingercomber Honeycomber Unit over on our Youtube channel.

IMG_5070 DSCN3062DSC04465

What are your favorite protective style looks on a budget? Share your thoughts below.

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