So… I hate hate hate to admit it … but I’m most certainly a product junkie as you can tell by my bathroom that is crawling with products from every angle… not to mention the boxes of products I have hidden under my desk because I just can’t find any more space. But there has to come some type of good from being a product junkie right? Hmm… lets run through a few of the pros/ the cons and check ourselves into product junkie rehab!!


PROS: Being a product junkie isn’t all bad
1. As a product junkie you have your finger on the pulse of the market so to speak. You are able to dip and dabble into different lines because you don’t usually have any “product loyalty” to one brand so to speak. This allows you to truly see what works best in each line FOR YOU without feeling guilty.

2. Your hair regimen is constantly revolving with a flow/influx of products and you are able to gauge not only what products but what ingredients also work best for your hair needs.

3. You become a valued voice for advice: Not gonna lie because I’ve used so many different products in my two year natural hair journey I feel like a bit of a know it all at times (if not a know it all a know more than most) and it feels great offering advice on products that have or have not worked well for me with my friends and my subscribers.

1. MONEY MONEY MONEY: Lord I can’t even count how much money I have spent on products! When you add hair necessities to your budget for the week or the month… that is when it is time to admit you have a problem.

2. Space is Limited: I must admit I am driving my family nuts with the amount of boxes I have piled up and stacked in different ares of the house NOT only the bathroom! I have shelves, cabinets and walls FILLED with products in my bathroom. Some still wrapped up in the original package that they came in, unopened and unused but for some reason I just had to have that product at that time!

3. Too many new products at once: While its great to try different things out on your hair to see what works best for you I sometimes fall trap into a terrible mistake of trying to many new products at once or not giving the product enough shine time I like to say to see if it truly works. So one week I may be having a really great hair week… its hard to pinpoint just what key ingredient or product made this possible because my entire regimen was filled with all new products. Same goes for trying a product only for a week or two and not giving it the full time to show its potential positive outcome to your hair.

Though I know the cons of being a product junkie it is sometimes … more than sometimes difficult to avoid purchasing that new must have product that is going to make my hair flourish (in my mind of course) So here are a few rules I’ve set for myself that you may want to give a try to be a “better” product junkie or a product junkie in rehab as I call myself.

1. Only buy products on sale: Lots of ladies were raving this holiday weekend about all of the natural hair products on sale in various drug stores. Especially Shea Moisture’s BOGO sales at Walgreens. You will be happy to know I did not make one single purchase this weekend on hair care products! Yay me!! But to do you and your wallet a favor only buy a new product if it is on some sort of sale.

2. Refill What you need or running low on: In your hair regimen you should have some staple products but if you’re like me and you are a constant revolving door of products you should at least have a staple routine that certain products will fill. For example you should have a conditioner for co-washing, a deep conditioner, a leave in conditioner, a moisturizer/styler, a shampoo if you so choose, and some sort of essential oil for sealing. If you have a product to fit each of those categories don’t buy a new one until you run out or are running low.

3. Budget your money: That sounds like a given in adult life but sometimes I find myself in the beauty supply store to buy one thing and end up leaving with 25 things! Set a budget my month, or by week… w/e best suits you. I have set a budget by season… weird I know. But with every season I set aside a set dollar amount that can go to things for my hair. Once that dollar amount is done I can’t buy anything else until the next season. Most of the time I’m fine without buying anything because I have such a huge stock. That will give you some time to ween off of constantly purchasing product and actually allow you the opportunity to use what you have in your home. You’ll find you get particularly crafty with mixing differing products and DIY methods.

4. Stop buying what doesn’t work: I don’t know how many times I’ve made the same mistake. If you are an avid ingredient reader which I am because I slightly follow the Curly Girl method then you’ll know that many natural hair products have similar ingredients in them. If you know your hair doesn’t do well with Jojoba Oil or Shea butter stop buying products that have those particular ingredients no matter if it is from a different company or line. The ingredient is still a factor in how your hair will turn our so curve your spending and choose what you know works best.

5. Use the product you’ve purchased: This is my biggest problem! I get so excited about a product I’ll use it once or twice and run into another product that does the EXACT same thing and purchase it! This doesn’t make sense ladies! If you’ve got a great deep conditioner that you love… stick with it until you stop loving it! Or at least until you finish the bottle. Don’t go out and buy another miracle deep conditioner because everyone is saying how amazing it is! Remember watch your wallets before you watch your hair care products!!
And with that being said… I did get the whole line of Carma Care!!! (I’m a hopeless case I know… but I will do better this summer I promise!!) If you are in the market for some new products whether you are product junkie or not you may want to give Carma Care a gander. I’ve only tried the hair soufflé in which I’ve written a full review with pics right here! But I can’t wait to give the rest of the line a try once I’ve taken my box braids out! She’s having a 20 percent sale to celebrate the release of her new leave in conditioner! (so it is on sale!!) Give it a glance at if you so choose! And yes… I will be following my own rules and giving it a full try!

How & when did you know that you were a product junkie?!?!? Or are you still in denial? Share some of your product junkie stories below!