As the cold winter months approach, dry natural hair can some times be inevitable, and is certainly annoying. However you don’t have to live with dry natural hair and the damage that it causes. Dry Natural Hair can be a true detriment to hair growth and length retention. If you can’t seem to figure out the cause of your dry natural hair there are three reasons you may not even be thinking about right here! Now that we’ve got some type of idea whats causing the dryness, its time to talk about how to flip the script. Lets talk about how to remoisturize dry natural hair so that your hair can get back on track.

4 Easy Tips To ReMoisturize Dry Natural Hair

    remoisturize dry natural hair1. Co-Wash: The products you are using can be a huge factor in drying out your natural hair. Especially if the ingredients within them contain alcohols and other not so good ingredients for your natural hair care. By co-washing your hair with a moisturizing cleansing conditioner you are giving your hair a boost. I also condition midweek when my hair needs some extra TLC.

remoisturize dry natural hair2. Deep Condition: At least once a week you should be using a moisturizing deep conditioner (you can add a protein conditioner into the mix every 6-8 weeks). This will help remoisturize your dry hair. It is important to deep condition once a week for at least 15-30 minutes. This gives the conditioner time to penetrate your hair and balance the moisture. I suggest adding heat (steamer/ hooded dryer) to increase/boost the effectiveness of the process. It is also very important that you are using a deep conditioner and not regular rinse out conditioner because they are not made the same way! 

remoisturize dry natural hairremoisturize dry natural hairremoisturize dry natural hair

3. LOC Method: The LOC Method is a particular order/process for styling your hair to make sure it is fully moisturized and you keep/ lock the moisture in. The LOC method requires a liquid or leave in that has water listed as its first ingredient. Once you’ve applied the liquid, you add in a sealing oil (focus on the ends) and then your moisturizing cream as your styler. Some naturals (including myself) follow LCO which just changes the order of the cream and oil application.

If you are looking for other budget friendly moisturizers to use in your natural hair regimen I’ve got a list of 6 right here!

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4. Seal Your Ends:The oldest part of your hair needs the most care. If you follow the LOC method you are already doing this step but if not you want to make sure you moisturize your ends carefully and purposefully. Adding a heavy oil can be a great way to keep your ends from being dry, brittle and splitting (make sure to check the porosity of your hair first to identify which oil would be best to use for sealing).

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What methods will you be adding into your hair care regimen this winter to ensure that your length retention is on point and your hair stays perfectly moisturized?

If you found these tips helpful don’t be afraid to share them with someone that may find them just as helpful!!

remoisturize Dry Natural Hair

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