Single strand knots aka fairy knots can be one of the most frustrating natural hair problems we face. And the most annoying part is that there’s no real sure fire way to understand where exactly they come from. Let’s get to the basis of what single strand knots are.

Single Strand Knots are when a single strand of hair ties itself around itself. They cause more tangling than normal and the only way to solve the issue is to snip them away. And while there are no real certain ways to get rid of them forever there are certain things you can do in your hair care regimen to help prevent them (or at least decrease how often they occur).

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Single Strand Knots

Decrease Wash & Gos: You are going to want to decrease or eliminate wash and gos from your hair care regimen. Why? Because wash and gos will be a field day for single strand knots to reproduce themselves all over your head. The hair being in its natural shrunken self is more prone to tangles and single strand knots.

Seal Your Ends: Sealing your ends with oil or a heavy butter of some sort will not only help keep moisture in but will also make sure your ends stay in a “heavy” state so that they don’t begin to tangle or twist up.

Protect your ends: Besides sealing your ends you are going to want to protect these ends. Protective styling is an easy way to keep your ends safe and keep your hair tangle free. Putting your ends away in buns, two strand twists, braids… etc is a nice easy/simple way to hide your ends from harsh weather conditions or over manipulation.

Section your hair: When doing just about anything to your hair whether it is washing, styling, conditioning…etc you are going to want to do it in sections. One… it’ll make the process of whatever it is that you are doing much easier, but it will also save you time/frustration when detangling. Sectioning your hair out also helps with less opportunity for breakage due to tangling or matting of the hair.

Choose gentle cleansers: You don’t want to strip your hair of its natural oils even when you are trying to “cleanse”. You want to opt for gentle cleansers that will cleanse your scalp and strands but will not overly strip or dry out your hair. Dry hair is more prone to damage, breakage and those devilish single strand knots.

Stretch Your Ends: Even when you seal your ends, protect your ends you can still end up with those darn knots. Why? Because your ends are still finding their way into a knot around themselves. What you can do to beat them to the punch you can add a perm rod, or flexi rod to the end to stretch it even further and keep it smooth/knot free.

Keep your hair moisturized: This is probably one of the easy fixes for many natural hair problems but keeping your hair moisturized is easier said than done. You need to find that special sweet spot between protein and moisture so your hair will be resilient against possible damage and dry hair. Easiest way to moisturize: LOC method ! Hands down using a liquid leave in, oil and cream/butter will help keep your tresses moisturized throughout your day and in between wash days.

Protect your hair while you sleep: I know sometimes natural hair can make the nigh time difficult when you want to be sexy with the boo… but… if single strand knots are a big issue for you then too bad! You have to protect your hair while you sleep. With a satin bonnet or satin scarf. You can also jazz up the bedroom but adding satin pillowcases so you don’t have to worry about cotton and other threads snagging on the hair and increasing damage, breakage and knots.

Keep your hands out of your hair: This is one of my biggest issues with my latest haircut. I keep playing around with the little coils, kinks, and curls and that is certainly a problem. The oils in your hands can be detrimental to the health of your hair and can cause unwanted tangling/frizziness. Keep your hands out of your hair and you’ll see a lot of your natural hair problems start to decrease.

Oil Rinsing: I’ve discussing the benefits of oil rinsing previously, and it is certainly a #1 GO TO to help with single strand knots. Oil rinsing helps with the  detangling process, decreases on frizziness and adds shine to your hair. The process is simple to add to your regimen and the benefits are definitely worth trying it out.

Stay away from towels: I know this sounds like a weird tip, but the same reason we protect our hair while we sleep is the same reason you should stay away from towels. Instead dry your hair with an old tee shirt to avoid your hair snagging or breaking off due to the fibers in the towels.

What methods have you tried to help eliminate your single strand knot issues? Have the worked or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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