I was sent the Snappee to review and  can I just say that even the smallest of inventions in the natural hair community can be revolutionary to me when it cuts down on styling time. So let’s hop right into the good stuff

How To Use:

snappee review & tutorialSnappee can be used just like a regular elastic hair tie by looping your hair through but  when you’re ready to take it out all you have to do is unsnap it! This way you don’t lose/pull or tangle any of your hair during the take down process. This is why you avoid breakage that usually occurs when removing your hair tie.

In order to get stated with the Snappee you simply unsnap and wrap it around your hair. Then you snap it closed in place. I’ve been snapping two Snappees together to get around my thick/course hair. I was skeptical at first of this product working for naturals with thicker courser type 4 hair but I was pleasantly pleased with just how simple the process was and not time consuming at all. You can also use the Snappee as a simple headband with colorful/playful colors. If all else fails you can also use the Snappee as cute little bracelets on the wrist (which I use my regular hair ties as anyway… so might as well add some color to it!)

What Makes the Snappee different ?

snapped review & tutorialThe Snappee does snap together and apart I know that is pretty cool. But if you are still not convinced about why the Snappee is worth your hard earned money… that’s because all you have to do to get it back to its original size/shape is throw it in the wash! You don’t know how annoying or frustrated I get when I buy backs of Goodie or Scunni head ties and after a few weeks of use they are stretched out and no longer useful. Annoying! With the Snappee you don’t have to worry about that, which ends up saving you money in the long run!

You can get your hands on the Snappee at a discount too! Use code: TRIALSHIP for free shipping on us or TRIALBOGO to buy one and get the second half off!

Still not sold? Check out Snapee in full use below in our video: 5 Ways To Save A Failed Twistout!


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