So… I’m getting my first professional haircut in five years this upcoming Thursday. I am excited, nervous and terrified but mostly excited to see how my natural hair is going to react to professional hands for the first time. I’ll be heading out to Long Island to La Moda Hairsalon to have my hair styled by Vincenzo who has graced many naturalistas with bomb style sessions including CurlsAndCouture and BeautyByLee. So I know that I am certainly in good hands, but there are still steps I’m taking and you should take as well before getting a hair cut.

5 Steps To Take Before Getting A Hair Cut

1. Do Your Research : When you have decided that you want to get a hair cut you are going to want to do some research. First things first you are going to want to figure out the shape of your face. Before you start looking for hair styles you want to make sure that they will fit and suit your face structure. Once you’ve figured that out you want to find a stylist that will be able to meet your needs. I chose Vincenzo because of the extensive amount of experience he has with curly/textured hair. I also appreciate that his prices are fair despite his popularity.  He isn’t underselling his value and he also isn’t over charging due to the popularity of natural hair.

2. Get an Idea & Bring Pictures: Once you’ve got your face shape in mind and your appointment with your stylist set, start putting together a collage of sorts to show the specific details of what you want done. Unless you want your stylist to free style your hair cut (and you are a brave trusting soul if you do), you are going to want to go to your hair appointment with some sort of guidance. For my first major hair cut five years ago I brought one picture, and luckily my hair dresser at the time was truly an artist who made it happen. This time I also believe Vincenzo is a true artist, but with the fear and anxiety I’m feeling I’m packing up loads of pictures to show angles and more. Ultimately I will be listening to the health of my hair and Vincenzo’s advice of course but a plethora of ideas never hurts.

3. Play Dress Up: I love protective styling and one of my new favorite protective styles are wigs. See if you can find wigs that look similar to the hair cut length/shape you are going for and try them on. Even if you don’t buy the wigs you can play dress up in the beauty supply store and take pictures (if they allow it) to see if you are okay with the final look. I’ve been playing dress up for the past 9 months (I commit to play apparently) with different short wigs of different textures so I could see how I could elevate my style in various ways so I could increase my comfort with the shorter style.

4. Talk To Your Stylist/Hairdresser: Before you get a haircut it is important to talk to your hair stylist and discuss what you want, how you want it to look and what you specifically DONT want. Also a consultation before a hair cut is a good idea to discuss the health and condition of your hair. I am getting a haircut because I have split ends and some breakage/damage going on, so while yes I’m looking for a new shape and look there are things that have to be handled during this haircut. So it was important for me to let Vincenzo know the status of my hair before I sit down in his seat.

5. Be open minded: I think the biggest issue I have about getting a haircut is I won’t be able to do the same styles I’ve become used to doing. Going short means you cant do quick buns, pony tails, puffs…etc so I will have to learn my natural hair and what it can do all over again. But there is a beauty in that and that is something you must take into consideration when changing your hair. You have to be open minded to the new possibilities and not rely on the memory of what you used to do with your hair. It is a different look, and a different you so become open minded to that opportunity.

I’ll be sharing my haircut process with you of course in real time and with pictures. Yes.. I probably will be crying so you’ve been warned. What steps do you think I should take besides my five core steps in order to prepare for my upcoming haircut? Share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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