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Protective Styling is a true God send during the cold winter months that cause our hair to be dryad ultimately break. But, because of the nature of protective styling we often create another issue while protecting our tresses. Dry itchy scalp is never a good sign, as your scalp is often an indicator of the health and growing habits of your hair. If you are having a case of some serious itchy scalp while protective styling, here are some quick easy methods to help you soothe your itchy scalp while protective styling. And a majority of them are DIY!


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How To Stop Itchy Scalp While Protective Styling

In the video below I walk you through my quick (and I do mean quick) three minute cleansing soothing process while I have my faux locs installed. This method works even if you have crochet braids, box braids, faux locs, marley twists, or a sew in. I think its important to note that sew ins can be really difficult to get to your scalp to cleanse or soothe any inconvenient itchiness, but this method def still works also.

Here’s what you’ll need:

While protective styling it is important to cleanse your scalp, and I try to do so every 2-3 weeks depending on the protective style, and how long I anticipate leaving it installed. I walk you through my quick easy method of cleansing using three simple tools (mentioned above) that help keep your scalp healthy & cleansed, while maintaining the integrity of the protective style.

After I’ve cleansed I use my Canviiy ScalpBliss DipStix Set which comes with an itch-calming, botanical infused serum and applicator  to reach the scalp when hidden or covered by sew in weave, crochet weave…etc. I use it when I have box braids or faux locs installed because it is  gentler on my scalp than rubbing ferociously with a tail comb or my fingernails. These methods can be harmful and damaging to the scalp. The dipstick applicators included in the set help with application also (they can get into little smaller crevices that our fingers cant reach).


The Canviiy serum is made with manuka honey, aloe vera, witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and jojoba oil.The DipStix applicators included in the set helps with application also (they can get into little smaller crevices that our fingers can’t reach). I use it right after I’ve cleansed and in between my cleaning sessions because I know it is alcohol and paraben free so it will not dry the scalp or clog my pores. The serum is incredibly light weight and once rubbed in with the applicator only leaves behind a cooling soothing sensation, which I can truly appreciate.


Best part that I am thankful for is that they have an “on the go” version so if my scalp starts acting up in public (at work, on vacation…etc) I have an alternative option on hand to help ease the itch. If you suffer with itchy scalp consistently I do recommend this product to help with fast and long lasting itch relief, without leaving any residue behind.


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