When you are in the natural hair game its hard not to become a bit jealous of all of the beautiful hair you see on the internet. So much so that you end up focusing strictly on length and not on anything else. Before we dive into the things you need to know before taking hair vitamins, I just want to go on record saying there’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach a certain length. But you should also focus on the health of your hair to make sure you reach that goal.

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What You Need To Know Before Taking Hair Vitamins

1. Read The Label: These hair vitamins that are on the market contain various ingredients that can cause different side effects. Most have high doses of biotin which can cause breakouts. You want to make sure that the ingredients in the vitamin you are choosing to take won’t be harmful to your health, or cause other things to fall out of whack. There is nothing worse than trying to improve one aspect of your life, and messing up a whole bunch of others. Do your research. Compare the vitamins if you have to, to see which will work best for you. I’ve compared the hair vitamins that I am aware of here. But you can do extra research on your own as well. I personally take the Mielle Organics Hair vitamins because those are what work best for me. If you are interested in purchasing these particular hair vitamins you can use our coupon code: TRESSES at the time of purchase.


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2. Eat + Drink Clean: I know I know… we get tired of hearing it just as much as we get tired of saying it/ typing it but it is 100% true. Hair vitamins are only as good as your diet. The cleaner you eat and drink, the more beneficial the hair vitamins will be towards the healthiness and growth of your hair. You definitely want to start to ween off of the chips and soda before you start taking the hair vitamins, and you want to steer clear of them while you are taking the vitamins as well.

3. Get a trim: Length goals should go hand in hand with length retention. There is no point in growing your hair long fast when it us unhealthy. Get a trim so you can start off fresh , clean, and healthy. This way the hair that will be growing won’t be in danger of being lost due to split ends and damaged hair. Trust me… it may seem like you’re taking a step back to go forward but you will thank yourself when you see how much better your length looks when your ends are in good condition.

4. Speak To your doctor: I never ever ever take any medication without speaking to my doctor first. Especially because I have PCOS there are several key players in my morning routine that I don’t want to mess up due to wanting a bit more length at a faster rate. Before taking any hair supplement discuss the possible side effects that they may have with your doctor.

5. Have realistic goals: Do not start taking hair vitamins and expect your hair to grow 12 inches over night. Thats just not how it works. Hair Vitamins are a great boost/ supplement for hair growth but they are not magic pills. They only work as well as you take them and take care of your hair/yourself. If you are not eating well, or not taking the vitamins as recommended by the directions you are setting yourself up for failure. Whenever I take hair vitamins I always remember that over the 30 day time period my hair will probably only grow an inch as opposed to the half an inch it usually grows on its own. Realistic goals will help keep you level minded and have you in the right state of mind.

What are your thoughts on hair vitamins? Have you ever taken them and if you have what were your experiences? Share your thoughts with us below.

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8 Responses to What You Need To Know Before Taking Hair Vitamins

  1. Yes!! I’ve taken so many of these hair vitamins and I break out every time!! I’ve decided to just stay away from them.

  2. Tell me something what do you recommend that’s good for natural hair to help it stay healthy and keep its beauty is vitamins that’s good for your hair recommend do you think vitamin E a good choose

  3. I am ready to take the steps to start growing my hair back. I have track alopecia and i do wear quick weave and I had noticed that when I deep condition is set up under the dryer before I do my quick weave and I did this for about a month my hair started growing back. I got lazy I was going to get my hair done and it stopped growing. Because the girl told me that my quick weave was not going to last. So I just need to know what steps can I do to start this process all over again and what products are good for me to use.

  4. Hey Ladies! Im looking forward to buying Hairfinity vitamins. But I was thinking is me taking keratin pills too, a good thing to combine??? I don’t wast to stress my hair. I’m on a journey to grow my hair out. And I’m trying to maintain healthy hair and Retain length. Can I get a pointer or two??

  5. Yes I’m trying to grow my hair and I am looking for a good hair vitamin where can I find it what products do you suggest for natural hair