Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you should know that the  natural hair company “Thank God I’m Natural” hit Target at the beginning of March. If you didn’t know… now you know!! TGIN is one of the latest natural hair products to hit Target nationwide and we couldn’t be more ecstatic? Why?

5 Reasons We’re Excited Thank God I’m Natural Hit Target

  1. Thank God I’m Natural is run and operated by a woman. A black woman! That’s right! TGIN is one of the few natural hair companies left that have a CEO that looks like us, and has experienced similar difficulties that we have faced when it comes to getting our natural hair regimen just right.
  2. A quality product that doesn’t cost a million dollars. Sometimes we have to sacrifice quality ingredients/products due to economic limitations. There are very few products that use actual natural ingredients (not just stated on the front of the bottle to look nice) that are affordable. TGIN isn’t cheap… (I’m very tight fisted with money… but you guys know that already) but isn’t disrespectfully expensive either! (like the products I listed here that may break your bank account)
  3. TGIN is a full line! I don’t know if it is just me but I get kind of frustrated when I really like a product, or a company or a brand and they only have one or two products. Yes I know it is important to perfect what is already out there but it can be annoying having to bounce from one brand to another in search of products to complete my regimen. I like that TGIN has a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer, styler, and oil to complete my regimen. (Yes I do wish they had a leave in conditioner… but I know Chris-Tia has got a few tricks up her sleeve)
  4. Easily accessible. It’s about time that products that we love, are made easily accessible to us. TGIN being in Target doesn’t just mean that there are more options for hair products, it means there are more options for hair products for Natural Hair!! Yes Target has a plethora of many things… but when you go to the ethnic hair care section you are left with 3-4 options max. It’s refreshing to get one more option (even though that only brings us up to 5 vs the 38702342 other options available for hair not like ours… it is a step in the right direction)
  5. No Shipping costs!! Hahaha… Like I said… I am cheap and the worst part about falling in love with a natural hair product is having to either run to a local beauty supply store and pay way more than you usually would, or order it online and pay for shipping. Even if you have Amazon prime you still end up paying more than market value (I’ll never understand why they jack up the price on products some times). I don’t live near Sallys or Ultas so brands that aren’t available in my local drug store or major retailers… are difficult for me to find… and I live in NY so I can imagine how much more difficult it can be in smaller towns. There is pretty much a Target in every town in New York… or in every other town… so that makes it way easier for me to get my product junkie fix without having to pay a dime in shipping!

Have you tried TGIN products before? Or have you spotted them in Target? If you have share your excitement with us on all social media by using hasthag #TNTTGIN ! You can also enter to win a giveaway sponsored by TGIN and you know I always love a good giveaway! Entry rules are below:

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Giveaway ends April 6th good luck!

Thank God I'm Natural Check out these products and more over at http://www.tginstore.com The TGIN Moist Collection for Natural Hair is also now available at select Target stores nationwide, online at Amazon.com, and at your local healthy and beauty supply store.

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