For about 4 months now I’ve been dealing with some breakage towards left nape area of my head. I trie to pin point it to many things and in doing so I realized how many “bad” things I was doing to my hair that could all be the cause/reason behind I was facing breakage in the first place.

The Cause Behind Your Thinning Damaged Edges

Protective Styling: Yes protective style can be a major form of protection obviously hence the name! However I’m sure you’ve read and heard countless of stories that end with protective styling being more of a detriment than a benefit. My biggest mistake in protective styling this year was falling asleep not once… but TWICE in my clip in hair extensions. That is a big NO NO! Besides not sleeping in clip in extensions, in the case of all protective styling do not try to extend the time limit because it still “looks fresh”. 6-8 weeks should be your limit with any type of protective styling, and of course always take care of the hair underneath, and keep your scalp in tip top shape.

Poor Eating Choices/ Under Hydrated: I was on a bad food binge stemming from the holidays all the way to Valentines Day! I wasn’t drinking enough water, was eating loads of sugar, and almost zero vegetables. Healthy growing hair stems from an internal balance as well as an external balance. If anything is out of whack your hair will pay the price (as well as your skin) Make sure to drink at least half your weight in water (ounces) every day. It may sound like a pain, or like you’ll be in the bathroom every five minutes( which you may) it will do wonders for your hair and your skin!

{Here‘s a quick easy guide to help you drink up to 3 liters of water a day even with a full time job}

Dry/Under Moisturized: Besides being under hydrated your edges could ask one under moisturized. Take the time to moisturize your edges directly using a thick oil such as castor or jojoba which will help promote growth instead of using gels/brushes to get your edges “laid”. I know we want the sleek look but the sleek look can often leave you with a bald look if you know what I mean. Using an oil and tying your hair down at night can work just as well as using a brush and gel to lay those edges down flat.

Too much tension/pulling: This can often happen from poor protective styling with braids, twists, and weaves, however this can also happen (which I believe may be my case) from hair styles that are just too tight are done too frequently causing tension and pulling on the hair follicles. And your edges are the most fragile parts of your hair so of course they are the first to suffer when your hair decides it has had enough. In my case I like to do big high buns and puffs, or pineapples and faux hawks. These styles are great and simple go to styles that I turn to when I’m in a rush but still want my hair to look cute without spending loads of time on it. However I find that the tension that I put or the same location of the pins may have finally caused a bit of damage in my left nape area. Be careful when pulling your hair into a bun or puff as the headbands can be major culprits in causing damage to our edges. Try other low tension and low manipulation styles that are still protective and chic.

Headscarf/bonnet is doing the opposite: We wear head scarves and bonnets to bed to keep our hair safe, tucked away and retain moisture overnight. If you wear a headscarf you know that it can sometimes be tied way too tight which can cause more damage than protection. Same goes for satin bonnets. While I sleep I move around frequently so I know my satin bonnet is frequently rubbing on the edges of my hair. I’ve alleviated that by turning it inside out so the rubber isn’t snagging onto my edges. I’ve also pulled it down over my ears to create less friction and provide more room for movement. This was something I never thought about until I realized just where the bonnet was directly laying.

Stress: Stress can also be a factor that we sometimes can’t control and I have definitely been feeling over whelmed lately with everything going on. Try to take several moments to yourself throughout the day if possible. Sometimes life doesn’t allow but finding ways to deal with stress can make all the difference.

What change in your natural hair regimen are you going to change to help your edges start to regrow? The first step we recommend is joining in on our Retain Your Mane Challenge here!!! 60 days of dedicated hair growth techniques to help you reach your hair goals for 2016!

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