It is an unfortunate truth that as we get older certain aspects of our beauty regimen will have to change. It becomes harder to keep up with the beauty that came to us so easily in our younger days. I used to be able to get up and run to class in the morning on three hours of sleep and still have an internal glow, and bomb pony tail. Now… that effortless beauty takes a bit more effort.

Does that mean that we automatically become ugly when we get older? Uh… hell no! We just have to take a little more care in what we do, and how we do it. Naturally our hair becomes thinner as we age. That doesn’t mean you have to accept just becoming bald. Unless rocking a bad and bougie buzz cut is your goal, then please ROCK on!

For the rest of us less bold souls, dealing with thinning hair can be quite a pain if you let it. Instead there are several steps we can take (I say we… because I too am dealing with some natural hair thinning) to help get our hair back on track.

thicken your hair naturally

How To Thicken Your Hair Naturally

1. Natural Oils: Natural oils like castor oil, avocado oil, and olive oil have fatty acids that help to penetrate the shaft of the hair, and moisturize. With moisturized hair, you avoid dry hair and scalp that often lead to breakage and hair thinning. I am a huge advocate for using a plethora of natural oils as they all hold different benefits for the hair, and you want to keep your hair on its toes (I find that after I use something for too long that it not longer works as well as it once did). Using various moisturizing oils as a pre-poo concoction or adding to your deep conditioning step will make all the difference.

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2. Greens: You need to eat your greens point blank period. I often struggle with eating clean, but I have to remind myself that if I want healthy thick hair I need to eat my greens. And the greener the better. Which means saying bye bye to iceberg lettuce and switching it for some Romaine, Spinach, and yes… Kale too. Try to incorporate a green vegetable into your diet slowly. Then go from one serving a day (perhaps in your green smoothie) to at least one serving per meal.

3. Natural Proteins: By adding egg to your deep conditioner (don’t put heat if you do this), or pre-poo treatment you’re giving your hair the TLC it needs to grow in thicker and healthier. Eggs are the strongest natural source of protein, and if you want to increase the thickness of your hair you are going to want to add more protein to your regimen. (Remember to maintain your moisture/protein balance). I suggest adding in egg into your regimen one every four weeks. The three other weeks in the month you want to focus on using moisture based products.

4. Scalp Massages : I love love love scalp massages. And you should too.  Scalp massages stimulate growth and help with blood flow in the scalp. With increased growth you will face the oh so great problem of growing more hair which means more fullness! Can we say win win! Your scalp will feel amazing, you’ll feel more relaxed and your hair will be popping!

With these four easy methods added in to your regimen you’re bound to see healthier hair growth in no time. As with everything patience and consistency is key. Don’t think because you ate one salad and massaged your scalp once last week that you’re just going to be sprouting thicker fuller hair. In time, with consistent practice of these easy methods you will see a major difference !!