Instagram is one of my fave guilty pleasures as I’m sure it is for many of you as well. And in following closely for the past two years it has become an amazing platform to learn, interact, communicate, and become a “fangirl” of so many beauties! Below we have our top 20 favorite naturalistas on Instagram that we not only follow but have learned a great deal of natural hair care information from.

These 20 women have created countless of Youtube videos, reviews, hair styles. They have shared beauty tips, HOTD & OOTD, thoughts, opinions, and created countless of events for us naturalistas to meet up and be fabulous together. So here we have below the ladies that we just can’t stop keeping up with and if you don’t know just who they are it’s best for you to look into it. Trust us… you’ll thank us for it later!

Top 20 Favorite Naturalistas On Instagram

What are some of your fave naturalistas on Instagram that  you think should be on this list? Drop their handles below in our comments!

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