boost healthy hair growth

As we go into the New Year we want to focus on positives in all aspects of life including our hair. Instead of just incessant hair growth talk we are going to focus more on healthy hair growth and steps/tips to achieving a boost in healthy length retention instead of just achieving length. Healthy hair growth starts from the inside! So here are the top 9 food that will help boost your healthy hair growth.

boost healthy hair growth1. Eggs

Eggs are not only good for the hair externally, but eating them will also give your hair an extra boost to healthy hair growth. They are an excellent source of protein but also provide a source of iron which is needed to healthy hair growth for several reasons. One of the main reasons is iron helps to carry oxygen to your hair follicles and we all know a healthy basis/source of growth starts at the scalp. With a deficient amount of iron you are in danger of drastic hair loss. Be careful not to eat too many eggs though so you don’t run the risk of high cholesterol. A healthy balanced diet is the key!

boost healthy hair growth2. Leafy Greens:

I myself need to do better in this category. Spinach, broccoli, and kale are three of the top dark leafy greens you want to add plenty of in your diet in order to get a great source of iron, vitamin C, beta carotene, and folate. These nutrients keep the hair follicles strong as well as keep your scalp naturally oiled. I try to get my leafy green intake with green smoothies and salads. I focus more on lettuce in my salads but the green smoothies are spinach based. I have 4-5 salads a week for lunch, and 3-4 smoothies a week for breakfast.

boost healthy hair growth3. Poultry:

I love love love chicken and could quite possibly eat it every single day. Poultry is another great source of protein that provides zinc, iron, and those oh so important B vitamins that are sold to us in hair vitamins. You can capture these vitamins naturally in your diet without spending 30 dollars a month on the “magic pills” that may or may not cause acne breakouts.

boost healthy hair growth4. Salmon:

Ugh… as much as I hate to admit it (I hate seafood) salmon is a key player in your diet to help boost healthy hair growth. Not only does this little fishy have proteins to help the building blocks of your natural hair journey, it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are key to a healthy scalp. Salmon is another trick food that you can take instead of the omega-3 pills we get in our local drug or health food stores.

boost healthy hair growth5. Avocados:

Another source of fatty acids avocados are great externally and internally. I personally use avocados for my pre-poo recipes as they are great for decreasing frizziness and adding in tons of moisture. Avocados help to stimulate collagen and elasticity in hair (and skin) therefore you can’t go wrong either way you use them.

boost healthy hair growth6. Almonds:

I eat almonds almost every day in their natural unsalted form (Trader Joes) and I must say I love that they taste good and are good for you and your hair. Almonds are my safe substitute to hair pills because they are a giant source of BIOTIN! Thats right ladies… the hair pills are chalk full of biotin and so are almonds without the risk of terrible acne breakouts. Now you won’t be getting such a concentrated amount, but substanaily adding almonds to your diet (Even if it is almond milk which I use for my smoothies) will definitely make a difference. I’m not a believer in increased rate of growth or thickness… but if it is at all true/possible than natural almonds are the way to go!

boost healthy hair growth7. Greek Yogurt:

I’m not a fan of any yogurt to be honest but the benefits are crucial. Yogurt, just like avocados and eggs can be used internal and externally to have positive effects on your hair. Your hair follicles get a great surge of beneficial hair growth with the presence of B5 and Vitamin D in the yogurt.

boost healthy hair growth8. Beans:

Ehhh… also not a major fan of eating beans regularly or separately from other foods such as rice. However it is true… legumes are GOOD for you and your hair! Kidney beans and lentils provide protein, iron, zinc, and that all time coveted BIOTIN that we are always in search for. Who knew you could find it beans? Well now you do!

boost healthy hair growth9. Whole Grains:

Now this I can get on board with since it is pretty much in my normal diet anyway. Whole grains like whole grain bread or whole grain cereals give a healthy hair boost in zinc, iron, and B vitamins. Whole grains are also good sources of energy when you are feeling tired half way through your busy hectic days. This way you are killing two birds with one healthy whole grain stone! So next time you are in the supermarket pick up a few things and add them into your diet slowly but surely to increase healthy hair growth and length retention.

This is the first step! There’s much more we have in store so stay tuned!

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